‘Zone of Self Memory’. ‘Zone of Power’. ‘Zone of Partnerships’. ‘Zone of Fear’. ‘Zone of Joy’… Intentional Dreaming is a unique way of working with Questions to the Soul…through our Body.

A Dream Zone is a surface area on the skin usually located around a joint, an Acupuncture point or an otherwise important Reflex Zone which can be easily treated with self-massage and Oil ‘Relax’ in its simplest yet highly effective form. Targeted dreaming using Dream Zones by Peter Mandel, founder of Colourpuncture, is dreaming focused on resolving a particular question on health or life – hence the names. ‘Zone of Individual Potential’, ‘Zone of Feelings and Intuition’, ‘Zone of Creativity and Imagination’ and ‘Zone of Intelligence’ form the simplest Intentional Dreamwork sequence called ‘Expansion of Consciousness’, perfect for starting with targeted dreaming or dreamwork and can be used on its own or with a simplest form of Dream Analysis. There are also several advanced dreamwork sequences and endless creative combinations of Dream Zones are possible depending on the question we want to ask or a health problem we want to resolve.

Dreamwork including Intentional dreaming and Dream Analysis is yet another way of daily self-care with Oil ‘Relax’ – apart from addressing urgent daily pains and aches as well as supporting our healing of headaches and join pains. Oil ‘Relax’ apart from being a simple tool for daily self care is an excellent introduction to Colorpuncture – it’s basic principles and practical applications; we can treat Acupuncture points and reflex Zones with Oil Relax in similar combinations as we use them in Colourpuncture. A  simple Dreamwork with Oil ‘Relax’ is an excellent homework for our patients and generally people in our care. Dreamwork with Oil ‘Relax’ or ‘Esogetic Oil’ is used on its own or for enhancing and processing Colorpuncture. It’s highly recommended that you start your Colourpuncture journey with the Oil Relax, either in a simple form of Dreamwork by using ‘Zones of Expansion of Consciousness’ which comes with the Oil ‘relax’ manual or, if you would like to go deeper and make your dreamwork more conscious and translate it into practical application using some form of Dream Analysis, Journalling prompts and supporting Acupressure points for good sleep and Yin Yang balancing, join us on one of our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ Dreamwork Challenges.

This video is a final fragment from our February 2023 Cafe Self Q&A, please watch the entire playlist for  an overview of practical application of Oil Relax for health, wellbeing and dreamwork.

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