Feeding the Soul with Warm Light

How exciting is your Winter? How relaxing? How healing? How enjoyable? How special? Many people find a month of February difficult for energy levels, moods and general health, according to statistics. Tiredness and even depression are common and so are Colds and Flus. How healthy your Body is in this cold season? What is feeding your (more…)

When a therapy is not enough

Have you even wondered if a Therapy – no matter how wonderful and effective – is enough or there really are some further steps you need to take after your current health problem is, hopefully, ’fixed’? I assume that you are interested in staying healthy; or you may have a health problem you would like (more…)

What is Health? Four Forgotten Faces

Have you ever wondered what being healthy actually means? Is this just the obvious ‘having no pain, no injury, no disease? And what adaptability to change, your social circle and ‘realising your abilities’ or ‘fulfilling your individual potential’ have to do with health? Here is the WHO definition and some answers to questions:  What is (more…)

Sustainable Health: 10 pots of problems, beliefs and solutions

What is Health? According to WHO ’Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent’ (1). The WHO further describes mental health as ‘a state of well-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work (more…)

‘Summer is for Soul, Winter is for Health’

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) accords the proverb with an elegant explanation. The way we grow and develop, the way we live, the way we rise to a challenge, the way we age and our sexual health all depend on balanced Water Element. So, why ‘….Winter is for Health’ and what can you do for your (more…)

Winter after Christmas

Christmas decorations packed up. New Year resolutions written. In stone. In Google calendar? It’s time to hibernate? cultivate the art of a winter living.   No matter what out civilized mind wants to think about ‘modern’ winter our evolutionary old conservative bodies feel, deep down: winter is the only time you can relax deeply, indulge into reflection, (more…)

The simplest Christmas decoration ever

Greetings from frosty Cheshire!   When you decorate for Christmas – or two! (if you celebrate both Western Christmas and Russian Christmas a fortnight after) – there are times when you feel wildly inspired and you create a masterpiece to be remembered for many Christmases ahead. There are also times when you feel you have to (more…)

The Return of the Sun

Winter Solstice time…. The North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun.  The sun’s is at its lowest at the sky.  The longest nights and the shortest days. The Sun is slowly starting to make his way back to the Earth. The days will be getting longer soon.  The start of the countdown to Spring. A (more…)

Stop? Go!

Stop?  Go! Being generally into lights (colour lights, fairy lights, candle lights…) I wasn’t much into pedestrian traffic lights till we sold our car some weeks ago. The very first and real weeks of joy of a car-free lifestyle in a town are upon us. Stop? So, one recent winter morning I was walking my (more…)

Hello beautiful Soul!

Imagine you can truly and wholeheartedly greet yourself every morning: ‘Hello, beautiful Soul!’.     And extending that to the others throughout your day…. Happy life journeying, beautiful souls!