Having unexpectedly stumbled on an invisible something on a brightly lit Career Path, I suddenly found myself dropped through an obscure hole in the ground into an underworld of a spiritual journey, illuminated only by the faint light of a blind faith and ridiculously naive hope, while the alternative Sun might be rising on a horizon on the other side of the Earth. 

Hi! I'm Irina :)

Hello beautiful Soul!

I’m Irina ūüôā

On a rather long journey of recovering my own health I realised that ultimately we can only heal and then maintain this dynamic state of health of our physical body and emotional soul when when we are focusing on, becoming interested in and ultimately cultivating our Self.

This goes through discovering our individuality, nurturing our personality and bridging them on our life path, an amazing and challenging but always unique road of our life experience, authentic being and service to the humanity. Sustainable physical health and emotional well-being – up to a highest degree of what is possible for you personally – come as by-products.

I feel very privileged to have had an amazingly interesting 15-years long career in neurobiology, a stimulating parenthood and great teachers in Natural Health. This experience has shaped me on my life path. As a mother to 3 children, a therapist and a teacher I know that the only real way we can hold a hand of another human being at some point in their life and helping them on their path is not to lose sight of mine.

Together with my husband Evgeni I run a natural health and personal change consultancy Colourpuncture Clinic Ltd. We also teach Colourpuncture and CPD courses for therapists.  We live in Cheshire, UK with our family.

Best of Light to you on your Path of Cultivating the Self.


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