Questions to the Soul membership: guided journaling and DIY journaling prompts, Acupressure meditations, Dreamwork, fortnightly group calls and monthly 1:1 calls; free participation in our quarterly events: ‘Dream Yourself Together’ and ‘Letters to the Soul’ online Challenge Courses.

Here we get really interested in our Self and our Life focusing on a question:

  • ‘Who am I on a Soul level, what Path am I travelling in this lifetime – and how I can recognise and develop my talents and gifts to offer to the world, naturally growing from inside to the outside?’

We follow a Road Map to Self and work on areas of life which are currently important to you. We explore our whole Self and the Life Experience clarifying and gently letting go any un-constructive conditioning and underlying patterns of thoughts, reactions and behaviour to achieve sustainable health and wellbeing, deep inner contentment, better Self awareness, better relationships, natural creativity and pure joy of life!

  • Cafe Self membership calls: the 1st and the 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 7-8pm UK time 
  • Cafe Self 1:1 calls can be booked at various days/times which suit you.


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