Colourpuncture is a very affective spin-off Acupuncture. In Colourpuncture we use application of coloured light on Acupuncture points, meridians and other Reflex Zones on the skin. Colourpuncture gives truly amazing results both for physical and emotional health and for personal development.

The list of ways in which Colourpuncture may benefit you is endless. Why? Because your life challenges are as unique as your personality, body, character and life story.  And even though we will provide you with an extensive list of conditions successfully treated with Colorpuncture, we found that it is sometimes easier to relate to what other people say about their experience. Here are some testimonials given to us by our happy patients.

“Colour light session with Irina helped me to make some of the hardest decisions of my life. It cleared the mist and helped me to see how I really wanted my life to be. I am so happy I had this eye opening experience”. P.S., Cheshire

“Thank you! You helped me so much, I have not been inspired or wanted to do anything my whole life. I don’t know if you realize exactly how massive an impact you have had. I have been in some kind of therapy or another since I was in my early teens and nothing or no one has actually made me want to live. I have had a huge sense of not belonging and not understanding or relating to people. I have had so many revelations, its been amazing what the light teaches you, about who you are, what you have been, but ultimately who you can be.” S.J., Derbyshire

“Thank you so much for introducing me to the miracles of light and colour. Also for your many insights, love and wisdom. I have felt totally safe and supported in all my sessions”. C.W., Midlands

One of the many beauties of light and colours is that instead of suppressing your difficult emotions,  feelings, outdated and perhaps long-held misperceptions, Colourpuncture bring them to light one last time, quickly and safely, just so that you can learn a valuable lesson from them, until there is nothing left but love and peace. Below are some testimonials of people who have experienced a ‘healing crisis’ – so famous and yet so often misunderstood in alternative medicine.  These people wanted our future patients to discover how Colourpuncture can help turn your biggest challenges into new-found happiness, love and freedom. I wish to truly thank people who their put time, energy and hearts into making detailed descriptions of their experiences.

“I was referred to Irina by a reflexologist. I was intrigued by the light and colours therapy and felt ready to clear my old baggage and anxieties. Irina is such warm and serene personality that, with her calm and reassuring manner, I soon had complete confidence in her. Her professionalism, knowledge and experience of colour light therapy is so extensive that she can select and administer the best treatment for each individual. This she does in such a professional manner that enables you to feel the benefits very quickly. She worked her colour magic in her calm and reassuring presence and my old anxieties faded away. After each session I was a bit flat for a day or two but then the most wonderful feeling of well being came over me. Each treatment rendered me lighter and brighter. With Irina’s guidance I faced some very deep fears and then moved on and left them behind. For me it was like walking towards warm sunshine and gradually taking a huge, heavy, thick, dark overcoat off.
The colour therapy has enabled me to live the rest of my life without hang-ups or old anxieties and fears.
I feel now that I am the me I was meant to be – and that is the best feeling anyone can experience. I can wholly recommend the colour and  light therapy administered by Irina”. D.C., Derbyshire

“When I met Irina I knew that what she did – a therapy of light and colours – I never heard before. But Irina had such impressive qualifications so I though I’d give her a try knowing about my personal background (I had a horrific childhood – not only in my perception but also in other people perception). I’m now in my late 50-s; in my 30-s I was told by a panel of psychiatrists and hypnotherapists ( I was in hospital and wouldn’t take medications) that my childhood was be best left untouched – it effected me so badly. When I was 5 a friendly doctor wanted to adopt me.
I didn’t know what to expect and I experienced too many therapies without effect before. I started to have treatments with Irina and I now feel a complete person. I believe all the baggage has been dealt with quickly, safely and successfully.
After my hospital stay I was already doing massage and reflexology; I also did my counseling and EFT to help others.  I was helping others though without realizing I was still carrying all the baggage. I experienced light treatments as quick, safe, going to the roots of what would take years of conventional care.
I recently lost my mother. I had a heartache not really knowing why blaming myself and still not addressing the issue. After a lifetime of conflict and heartache between us my mother passed away in my arms. Now I’ve learned  that my childhood was neither my fault nor my parents fault it just how it was – lots of it was simply ignorance.
And now some beautiful things started to happen. I now go to the shop Hall Grieves and I remember going in when I was a little girl – happy, healthy, hopeful. I loved coming in here, sweet shop. I’m now somehow collecting positive pieces of memories from my childhood in my mind – without intent, they are just coming. I remember singing on the stage – nice memories which I though I never had or simply forgot about? I was too busy dealing with terror and violence to remember nice things from my childhood. At the end of the day I’m coming to understanding now that it wasn’t all too bad.
I thank God and Irina for her work that had made me my own person and I wish many more people to experience her treatments and not the life I had. If Irina’s work could help even one more person similar to me I can’t even say how good I would feel.
It has been the most fantastic experience. I see everything in a different light now. I wish everyone well.
I deeply miss my Mother (and Dad) and I’m moving on with excitement in my heart.” B.A., Derbyshire

We hope that the words of all these people will give you inspiration and hope that change in your life is possible too.