Journaling Challenge: Letters to the Soul

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Journaling Challenge: Letters to the Soul

March 21 @ 7:00 pm - March 29 @ 7:00 pm

Journalling: CLARITY

Journaling Challenge ‘Letters to the Soul’ is a 9 days online event by Cafe Self.

Every day we will be writing our Soul a Letter, from our Self – and invite our Soul to engage in a dialogue.

We will learn many great Journaling techniques: from a staple daily Stream Writing which anchors us in our day – and our every day is precious, unique, full of opportunities and totally deserves to be captured forever on our journal! – through Journaling for Healing and all the way to Reading between the Lines. Our Self and Soul, our Daily Self and Inner Self engaged into an ongoing dialogue is the perfect and probably the easiest recipe for an aligned life – and Journaling is simple and effective tool to make it happen.

Somehow this dialogue doesn’t happen on it own. May be at some point of our life our Soul felt betrayed by our Daily Self and shut down. May be our very sense of Self wasn’t strong from the beginning if for example we were raised by strong parents who knew exactly what is right or wrong – and had very fixed concepts about everything, including who we should become. May be we didn’t feel love in our childhood and this thriving to ‘earn’ love combined with heavy parental conditioning eventually shaped our Daily Self into what it is now – taking it far, far away from our Soul. May be with adulthood we got overwhelmed with responsibilities for family, job, worldly contribution. May be we have had ill health or challenging life circumstances and so most of our time and effort have always been focused on just keeping it all together…with no time or energy left for Soul searching and internal dialogues. May be a Soul and Self integration just wasn’t a subject in our school curriculum…Many things can lead us to a point when we suddenly realise that we not only lost our sense of Self and direction in Life but we don’t even have any ideas what we would want in life if we were given a full choice.

Journaling – Letters to the Soul – can change this. Journaling is probably the simplest and easiest tool of all for healing, focusing on what is important to us and generally making sense of our life experiences. Loving, skilful and patient habit of inviting our Soul to a dialogue with our Daily Self can totally happen given some little time, dedication and tools. 

During our Journaling Challenge we will learn how to use journaling to ‘arrive into a present moment’, make better plans, heal traumas; organise our life experience and establish an ongoing dialogue between Self and Soul; how to clarify our needs, motivations, energy drains and energy resources – and connect to our deepest longings. We will learn to read between the lines and find from which position we (unconsciously) tell ourselves (and others) our Life Story – and how to change that for our healing, empowerment and inner peace.

We will learn various simple tools and techniques which require very little time investment (from 5 min to 30 min depending which Journaling techniques you choose to use) and far reaching benefits.


Benefits of intentional Journaling  

  • It’s empowering: when you know how to ‘read between the lines’ of seemingly random Stream of Consciousness writing and analyse your journal entries (quickly and easily) you will put together the pieces of puzzle in your life perception
  • Better plans: Journaling, especially in the morning (or before bed time) will help you to adjust your daily plans, add valuable details, find missing links and have a much more efficient day – or even change its entire direction!
  • You will ‘check in’ with your Inner Self and tune into subtle Soul messages which you otherwise can easily dismiss
  • It’s focusing: especially if you are prone to stress, anxiety, overwhelm and feeling of your thoughts being ‘scattered’
  • You will understand your Self better and this will help you to relate better to other people in your life
  • You will find answers to many life questions when you read your journal entries – and a month on, a year on your journal will become a personal history!
  • You will leave a legacy for next generations of your family if you choose to journal to reflect your personal slant on a particular Zeitgeist
  • It will greatly contribute to a better mental health and emotional resilience
  • It will give you a better focus and concentration on things important to you
  • It will organise your Life experience according to certain Life cycles, chapters and will promote better self awareness and self esteem
  • It will help you to get much more interested in your Life and Self!


You will learn and experience:

  • Stream of Conscious writing
  • Journaling for healing
  • How to use Journaling as a guidance for a better aligned life, clarifying your deep needs, true motivations, energy resources and unexpressed longings
  • The art of asking Questions to the Soul to build a dialog with your Inner Self.


What you need:

  • Just a journal or computer for making notes!


Reserve your place on our online Journaling Challenge:


March 21 @ 7:00 pm
March 29 @ 7:00 pm
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