Would you like to create a little window into your Inner Self to observe some wild and fascinating strands of random things – the products of internal workings of your body-mind?

You get fascinating insights into your inner Self workings as soon as you start practicing this common Personal Development tool; Stream of Consciousness Journalling is a common ‘home play’ in my Acupuncture and Colourpuncture Clinic.

0:10  What is Stream of Consciousness Writing and how to do it

0:25  Don’t know what to write about?

0:30  Stream of Consciousness Writing in a nutshell 

0:55  Benefits of Stream of Consciousness Writing

1:00  N1: Check in with your Self

1:24  N2: Relate to people better

1:35  N3: Adjust the flow of your day 

1:50  Why Stream Write?

So what is Stream of Consciousness Writing and why it is good for you?

Stream of Consciousness writing – or Stream of Consciousness Journalling or ‘Morning Pages’ is simply writing down your thoughts and your feelings as you are experiencing them. 

The idea is that of a ‘stream’ so your journalling should be uninterrupted, uncensored and preferably you shouldn’t take the pen off the paper (or your fingers off a computer’s keys). 

If you don’t know what to write about you simply write:

 ‘I don’t know what to write about there is nothing on my mind….

I don’t know what to write about there is nothing on my mind’….

And you write it for long enough for your subconscious mind to be triggered into: ‘hang on a second, there is something on my mind; there is something I’m feeling inside’ and this is where the real flow starts.

So, in a nutshell, Stream of Consciousness writing is much like water. The flow of water in a river is wild, it is uninterrupted, uncensored and free. 

The benefits of Stream of Consciousness Journalling: 

  • Stream of Consciousness writing is a powerful psycho-emotional release and it lets you to ‘check in’ with yourself. At any given moment of time we all have vague, wild and disconnected strands of thoughts, feelings, emotions and bodily ‘felt senses’. Stream of Consciousness writing gathers them all together and shapes it all so everything starts to make sense.
  • Stream of Consciousness writing helps you to relate to other people better. When you start with yourself and your needs you have so much more to give to others.
  • Stream of Consciousness writing helps you to adjust or even change the entire direction of the flow of your day as you are becoming more aware of your needs, your plans, your forgotten plans, your emotions, your feelings, and your thoughts.

Stream of Consciousness Journalling is a great tool. It’s deep. It’s rich. And it’s very simple to master. In Cultivating the Self Membership we go into a great detail on how to Stream of Consciousness Journal  and how to really master the skill making it into an art.  

And once you mastered the skill it is always with you and you can use it anytime. 

I use Stream of of Consciousness Journalling for many years and it never fails to give me clarity: clarity of my thoughts, clarity of my feelings, clarity of my plans and ultimately clarity in life. 

Stream of Consciousness Journalling  is indeed very simple to master. If you never did it you are in for a treat. It’s the quickest and the simplest – and free – Soul nurturing habit there is.

However, this type of Journalling is just the first step and you can gain so much more than clarity and contentment. Over the years of nearly daily writing I realised that this is still just a surface level and I started working further with Stream of Consciousness Journalling. I got so many benefits from this further work that I developed my own style of ‘layer’ analysis – and fun colour coding – of my notes.

This was an unexpected discovery for me. On the day of writing my layer analysis would give me the best clarity on what to do; and years later I sometimes re-read some of my notes and it reads like an exciting novel 🙂 and so many things which happened later start making sense – your journalling is really your personal history in the making.

If the idea of Stream of Consciousness Journalling or Writing is something you feel interested in come and join us in Cultivating the Self Membership where we not only master the tool but also learn to use it creatively to uncover our motivations, our needs, our unresolved issues and our  values.

Meanwhile, start simple: put a timer for 5 min and JUST WRITE. Every day.

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Good luck with the Stream of Consciousness Journalling – it’s good for your Soul!

Stream of Consciousness writing

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