Spring Cleanse

Crisis or not, a beautiful fresh Spring has arrived! 2021 Cleanse is as exceptionally easy as 2020 one: yet another lockdown helpfully highlighted areas of our lives which need a detox… Forget about focusing on ‘detox’ with diet and ‘spring cleaning’ of the house; while still relevant they shifted into a background to play a (more…)

Sheltering the Spirit

Fear fills the air denser than a virus. Future looks like another reality. It feels like we are walking in circles blanketed by a thick fog. It’s time to nourish the Spirit. Focusing on keeping the Spirit alive is vital in times which are challenging, uncertain, and may be just a little dark. In more (more…)

Viruses. Actions

  We might have waited forever to summon courage to ‘rock the boat’ and change some aspects of our lives which were no longer useful…to look inside….and find out what is really important for us and finally start living from an authentic place…one step at a time…may be…one day.    Now, the ‘help’ had arrived, (more…)