Morning Colourpuncture

The Morning Balance or ‘Coordination 1’ Colourpuncture treatment is humble, deceptively simple and easy to overlook like a walk in a local park or a home-made satin dress. And yet it can make for a magical morning. There are people for whom an everyday glorious morning is well, a slightly difficult part of the day. Who (more…)

A Landscape of the Path

There is a certain ‘magic’ to Becoming. Cultivating the Self we creatively weave our authentic path with all the colours of the yarn we have been given by Life. By observing and accepting these Gifts and co-creating with the Universe we are becoming that perfect single unit of The Big Picture. Shining from inside out (more…)

Why Stream of Consciousness Writing is Good for You

Would you like to create a little window into your Inner Self to observe some wild and fascinating strands of random things – the products of internal workings of your body-mind? You get fascinating insights into your inner Self workings as soon as you start practicing this common Personal Development tool; Stream of Consciousness Journalling (more…)