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Feeding Your Soul

We hope that you will be inspired by working with our Questions to the Soul from our Newsletters – opening Journaling Prompts which will give you initial ideas and direction and let you experience the flavour of what Cafe Self is about. You are also very welcome to join our FREE Cafe Self Q&A calls (mostly the first Friday of the month) with your questions, for discussion and support.

In between the Newsletters and Cafe Self Q&A calls, here is how to navigate Cafe Self site’s resources by Cafe’s main themes – most of which were created in response to our readers questions, discussion and feedback 


How to work with your Questions to the Soul in your Newsletter 

If you did Stream of Consciousness Writing as a part of your morning routine today, please focus directly on answering the questions.

If you didn’t do your Stream of Consciousness Writing please read the questions below, close your eyes and breathe calmly and deeply for a couple of minutes and then do one page of Stream of Consciousness writing keeping these questions – in a relaxed way – in mind. Then highlight the answers to the questions below as they will appear in your writing ‘stream’.

Stay relaxed and aware. Let the answers come to you or through you rather than trying to answer them. Pause a little after you read each question and before you write your answer. Don’t ‘think’ the answer. Focus softly.

Write down first answers, revisit later. Keep a playful and joyful mood even with most serious questions. In fact, keep your playful and joyful mood particularly with most serious questions 🙂


How to work with our Questions to the Soul Newsletters

Our Newsletters are designed to inform and support your Self discovery and Soul feeding journeys and gently evoke important associations, specific to you. The best way to use our Questions to the Soul Newsletter is: before you start Journaling using our prompts, please free stream write any thoughts, feelings, associations, memories which you had reading our Newsletter. We share tools and techniques which worked for us and for our patients and students. However, on the same general questions we will all have our unique associations – and this is the most valuable part of your work. We are just providing you with a springboard 🙂


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