My Clinic: a mighty Oak, a Treasure Chest and …. Questions to the Soul

Basically…..I sit under a mighty Tree (Acupuncture) holding a treasure chest (Colourpuncture). When I’m not using my treasure chest,  I’m creating Questions to the Soul.

My Clinic is a happy blend of centuries solid and currently extensively researched Acupuncture and a Soul deep Colourpuncture. And there is also my own creation: Cafe Self, where you come to feed your Soul 🙂

We are based in Cheshire, South Manchester since 2003. I also do online Colourpuncture sessions if you have a Perlux (Colourpuncture tool) or Acupressure if you don’t. Online sessions have a wealth of surprising benefits which we only truly tapped into in 2020 thanks to the lockdowns.

I do both Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Balance Method (Instant Pain Relief) Acupuncture. I am a member of Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council and I attend regular CPD events in Colourpuncture and Acupuncture.

My background is in biological sciences and my previous professional knowledge feeds and supports my clinical practice.  I also had amazing teachers in Natural Health.


My teachers

  • TCM: Maria Mercati, a talented therapist and an inspiration on how to run the Clinic
  • Balance Method for Instant Pain Relief: Ekaterina Fedotova
  • Colourpuncture: Peter Mandel, Markus Wunderlich and Praveeta Timmerman
  • Colour Light Therapy: Charaka Danaher (my first ever teacher in therapies – it is thanks to her I’m a therapist now)  and other amazing Souls from the Colour Light Therapy team.
  • Iridology: John Andrews, a well known international teacher and Dr Etienne Callebout, an integrative oncology specialist, our guest lecturer.

Looking back on all my training in therapies, I can see that I have been plain lucky! I’m truly grateful.


Walking my Talk

I have had amazing positive changes in all aspects of my life – health including – since I discovered Colourpuncture in 2003. We exchange Acupuncture treatments with my husband Evgeni, who is also an Acupuncturist.

My children much prefer Colourpuncture so it plays a big role in our family daily life and times and times again Colourpuncture has proved to be just a magic wand we need at challenging times.


What is Colourpuncture – in a nutshell

If I were to describe Colourpuncture in a couple of words it would be: deep, bold and beautiful. It seems to trigger a gentle but logical and confident process of organising our perception of ourselves and our life experience: past and present, good or bad, well known or suppressed.

Colourpuncture balances our perception in such a way that we start seeing our whole life as if in a 3D. We start seeing ourselves as a part of a bigger picture which gives us power of perspective.

Instead of what we believe has been set in stone we start seeing choices which have always been there: life’s roundabouts instead of seemingly one-way roads and almost imperceptibly it colours our life with missing hues and we start living in the full spectrum.

Colourpuncture strikes a chord with me as a former scientist – it’s a technique well ahead its time. Sometimes it works very quickly, sometimes slower – but reliably it gives you a lasting change. Physical problems never come back as bad – if at all, our emotional perceptions organise themselves and one day we just find ourselves acting from a different place. I didn’t see similar results with other therapies no much how I love to experience them – I tried many.

I loved Colourpuncture so much from the beginning that I started teaching it early on which brought a significant depth to my clinical practice. 17 years on, seriously, I’m still in awe.

I offer online Colourpuncture and Acupressure sessions and in-Clinic Colourpuncture and Acupuncture treatments at £45/hr. When you buy your Perlux with Colourpuncture Academy I offer 30 min free Skype/Zoom consultation to give you the best start. You will receive a tailor made, simple and effective protocol and start experiencing how Colourpuncture can enhance your life – probably already during our  30 min free online session 🙂 In many cases Colourpuncture at home is the best Colourpuncture because it creates Neuroplasticity effect. 

Getting started with Colourpuncture at home is very easy and because of principles on which it works you will see good and sustainable results. I write about Colourpuncture on my Cafe Self blog to share my experience and understanding of it.

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