Soul-deep Turquoise

If there would be just one spectral colour for a rich depth of Self reflection, inner glow of integrity and a Soul feeding body-mind relaxation, it would be Turquoise.  If human Soul itself had a coat, an envelope, it’s colour would be a serene Turquoise.  When we sit on the seashore looking into a horizon, (more…)

Sustainable Health: Barriers or Stepping Stones

 Have you ever wondered what your main barrier/s to sustainable health might be exactly? Unnamed and not confronted, these barriers will stay put and accumulate, forming a seemingly solid blockage on our intended Life Path – and poor health. Identified, understood, and addressed with respect, even most formidable barriers will transform into great stepping (more…)

Midsummer Dreamwork Challenge

Are you looking forward to restful sleeping and dreaming every night? Do you find it easy to understand that often bizarre language that your Dreaming self is using to whisper all the right stuff into ears of your Daily Self, at every little junction of life called ‘choice’?  Or, do you think your dreams are (more…)

Putting health problems into perspective

When you think of a problem do you focus on the problem, on a solution or on possibilities which the solution can bring?  If you are having a day (or a year, or lifetime) of ‘having had enough’ and whatever problem you are facing is plain demoralising, how do you make your day/year/life fully worth (more…)

Healing GREEN

  Green is a Colour of Balance, Healing and Hope. Green is also a dominant colour in Nature. Nature holds a unique potential for healing us in a ‘discharge/recharge’ mode.  I love this wonderful concept of Nature being able to engage with our energy fields in a particular way: when we are out in Nature, Nature (more…)

Integrative Therapies for Sustainable Health

Have you ever wished that all – or most – of your health/wellbeing/life problems could be easily resolved by Just One go-to source (a medical advice/life wisdom/crystal ball  type of insight), a well of wisdom of a kind?  Have you ever experienced this one-stop problem resolution?  Maybe you had this amazing family doctor who was (more…)

The Treasures of Unfinished Projects

Have you ever experienced… let’s call it….. a Spring Paradox?  It’s Spring! You feel everything waking up all around you (the flowers: blooming; the birds: vocal; your Heart: ready to let more love into your life). You are all enthusiastic to live out beautiful facets of your Life and Soul this year (just like a (more…)

“Embrace the Mess”: Treatment of Degenerative Pattern

How do we get out of this breathtaking feat of our inner engineering, this amazingly solid and carefully built invisible cage of our rigid beliefs, limiting decisions and self defeating daily choices – coated in a thick layer of nobleness?  How do we recognise that the door of this cage has been open all the (more…)

Winter Gratitude

  Did you get any presents from Nature this Winter? I did – with the first one right on my birthday 🙂 Most Nature gifts this winter for me were anchored on gorgeous snow – or frosts, of all kinds and textures.  With my Birthday in winter a big part of me is winter (incidentally, (more…)

Let it Go! Colourpuncture for Colds and Flus

Do you tend to have Colds and Flus every season – or many times in the ‘Flu season’? Do you believe that it is possible to leave your Colds and Flus in the past – and transform the ‘Flu season’ into Freshness outside/Hygge inside: a season of crisp air, quiet happiness, warmth and nurturing and (more…)