Dreamwork Challenge

Dreamwork Challenge is a 9 days online event by Cafe Self where you will learn simple tools to help you sleep better, have better quality dreams and become intentional about (more…)

FREE Cafe Self Q&A sessions

1 hr online Q&A session on any topic from Cafe Self: Questions to the Soul Dreamwork Journalling Acupressure/Colourpuncture for Soul and Spirit Remembering the Self Organising Life Experience Cultivating the (more…)

Colourpuncture: 100 in 30

Colourpuncture: 100 in 30 Ask your question about Colourpuncture! FREE, no obligations 15 min 1:1 online consultations November 2021: please get in touch and ask me anything you would like (more…)

FREE Colourpuncture Q&A sessions

1 hr FREE online Colourpuncture Q&A session from Colourpuncture Academy Stay on top of your Colourpuncture learning and practice with our FREE monthly Q&A sessions To ask your question about Colourpuncture reserve (more…)

Cafe Self: FREE mini consults

Cafe Self: where you come to feed your Soul FREE, absolutely no obligations 15 min 1:1 online consultations in October 2021: tools and tips on Questions to the Soul 🙂 (more…)