Facilitating your New Year Resolutions

According to research we are 10 times more likely to make a positive and sustainable lifestyle change if we make a ‘Resolution’ about it around New Year. What’s your New Year Resolution? How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions and reach your goals? And how to make the journey of making your New Year’s Resolutions (more…)

‘Who am I?’

Imagine: you are waking up in the morning……on a different planet. You have absolutely nobody and nothing but your Self. There are no Rules on this planet, there is nothing To Do and you are all by yourself. The only object you do have (miraculously) is a mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror with (more…)

the Start: Remembering the Self

Having spent 15 years in Neuroscience researching how we as living beings create memories and react to stress I developed a keen interest in the subject. Little did I know that I was about to experience how we humans can revise our memories and touch the roots of our core, ‘in-built’ stress response. While still in (more…)

A Landscape of the Path

There is a certain ‘magic’ to Becoming. Cultivating the Self we creatively weave our authentic path with all the colours of the yarn we have been given by Life. By observing and accepting these Gifts and co-creating with the Universe we are becoming that perfect single unit of The Big Picture. Shining from inside out (more…)

Creating a Panorama of Self and Life

Have you ever wondered why we don’t ask ourselves really important questions – about our (precious) Life and our (unique) Self – so we can see ourself and our life as a whole, as if we are observing a panorama of our life, external and internal? And why we don’t ask these questions till we (more…)

Why Stream of Consciousness Writing is Good for You

Would you like to create a little window into your Inner Self to observe some wild and fascinating strands of random things – the products of internal workings of your body-mind? You get fascinating insights into your inner Self workings as soon as you start practicing this common Personal Development tool; Stream of Consciousness Journalling (more…)

Cultivating the Self

Our membership site called ‘Cultivating the Self’ is opening  soon! ‘Cultivating the Self’ membership is a supportive space for people to explore their unique Self and their Life’s Experience. In this space we aim to develop a Soul’s deep contentment with who we are and live a more authentic life. We aim to develop our (more…)

Midsummer New Year Resolutions

At Mid-summer New Year Resolutions usually feel like a distant memory. This particular Mid-summer it feels like we celebrated 2020 on a different planet altogether. A rather bold Spring 2020 erased completely or radically adjusted our plans for the year for quite many of us unlike in any of the years I can remember, on (more…)

Wishes Basket

How can you invite your Inner Self to communicate with your Daily Self?  Would gathering some objects of specific qualities, a ‘Wishes Basket’, help to create a tangible ‘anchor’ to keep your Inner Self feeling welcomed? Expressing the Self through objects How would you introduce yourself through objects with no words?  If you are to (more…)