Our membership site called ‘Cultivating the Self’ is opening  soon!

‘Cultivating the Self’ membership is a supportive space for people to explore their unique Self and their Life’s Experience.

In this space we aim to develop a Soul’s deep contentment with who we are and live a more authentic life. We aim to develop our uniques voice, speak from the heart and act from the core.

Our unique Self is reflected in our Life Experience. We ‘organise’ our memories to own all your life choices and this is how we start seeing the outlines of our core Self. 

The foundation of this work are Good Quality Questions. Good quality questions lead to good quality answers and good quality answers lead to good quality life where your life is unique to you and your every day is a day lived fully.

We will engage our conscious mind with good quality questions, journalling and best of personal development tools. We will engage our subconscious mind with dream work and soul work. And we will engage our body’s felt sense with a gentle art of Acupressure. 

This way the insights on who we are and what we are here to do will come from this rich, deeply interconnected space. 

My aim is to help you to practise and internalise all these tools so you can use them anytime yourself. 

We will de-entangle our core Self from imprinting and conditioning and a random mixture of influences by people and events which we happened to experience. These can be our family tree, our immediate family, our formative experiences, our role models, our favourite emotions, our talents and our challenges, unintegrated experiences, unmet needs, lost connections, and ‘very bad’ and ‘very good’ experiences which can be equally restricting.

We will map out a terrain of our life experience in a context of a bigger picture and address our ‘unfinished business’ and update our dreams and goals. 

I’m inviting you on a Journey to Remember Yourself, Organise your Life Experience, Reflect and Create.

I’m hoping to be of service to you if you are genuinely interested in yourself and your life experience and also want to have an option to be a part of the group of people who are on the same wavelength. I’m looking forward to share your journey of cultivating yourself 🙂 

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