The Gardener and the Tree

Once upon a time there lived a Gardener who watered a withered Tree. Each morning he would get up, take his tattered watering can from a shelf and go to water the Tree.  The Gardener planted many trees in his lifetime but this was a special tree. When the Gardener was a little boy a (more…)

Forgotten Places bear the Greatest Gifts

The Past and the Future are two waves constantly raging through the labyrinths of your Soul. They stop short every day from meeting each other so you can live in the moment. Make no mistake – the waves know each other intimately; they are ready to merge and annihilate each other completely to swallow your (more…)

The Perfect Fit

You are looking for an Important Thing you want,  the way you want it,  for the first time in your life.     You are exited and anxious to find Just the Perfect Fit.   You don’t really believe you will. The Perfect Fit seems as common as high-heeled shoes fitting like slippers.    Deep down (more…)

The Maze of Love Lessons

The Entrance Take nothing but this Guidance. Fasten your seatbelt: there will be turbulence. The Reward: your feelings are getting sharper. Proceed to the Wound The Wound Welcome to heartache! It’s going to hurt so intense… it’s going to feel like a real, physical wound. This is a wound. Treat it as such. Feel the (more…)

Hey Stranger

  Hey Stranger.   I see you  burning  at a stake.    The burn is slow.  A few onlookers  to see the show.    But where is  a prosecutor?    Your hands are tied  behind your back.  The ropes seem tight are thick.   Quick glance, a classic scene,  apart…   Nobody is controlling  the (more…)

A Nap in the Eye of a Storm

Once upon a time a starry-eyed girl set off on a voyage in a tiny boat with sails made of hope. One day the wind slowed and so did her boat. She pulled the oars but invisible undercurrents stopped the boat. She hesitated but changed her course and the boat entered deep waters. A developing storm (more…)

The Quest and the Path

    A Wounded Healer subscribes to a Hero’s Quest.   The Goal: find, win and bring back home Healing Gifts. The Condition: an obscure disease which no-one seems to be able to heal. The Challenge: ‘Go There, Don’t Know Where Bring That Don’t Know What’.  The Quest: the despair, the drama.    The Victory: (more…)

Once upon a Game of Chess

The Game was about to begin. The pieces rushed to their places but a little Dark Pawn lingered, enchanted by a radiating presence of the Light Queen.   The Queen grasped the Pawn’s look. “Let’s talk before the Game. You know you can end up where I’ll begin…” “But…” “Sure, you’ve more chances to get sacrificed (more…)