The Quest and the Path


A Wounded Healer subscribes to a Hero’s Quest.


The Goal: find, win and bring back home Healing Gifts.

The Condition: an obscure disease which no-one seems to be able to heal.

The Challenge: ‘Go There, Don’t Know Where Bring That Don’t Know What’. 

The Quest: the despair, the drama. 


The Victory: glorious, spotlighted. 

The Quest seems over.  

The Side effect: the Hero is intoxicated with powers of Healing Gifts.


The Healer: a generous Soul sharing the Gifts.

The Sharing: turns into over-giving.

The Caution: ‘You are giving from an empty space’.


Then the Healer meets the Teacher with an incurable Wound. 


The Teacher shows without a single word that the more you heal yourself the more you can give to others.

The Healer learns that while it’s noble to give, it isn’t to burn-out.


The Teacher walks the Path. 

They attend to their Wounds daily. 

Their eyes are bright, their handshake is firm. 

Their passion and Spirit are contagious. 


The Quest lets the Healer have a final piece of the puzzle.  


The Quest is over.

The Path begins. 


The Healer shelves their Hero outfit. 

They build a masterpiece of Healing every day. 

They walk their talk. 


The Quest is glorious but brief. 

The Path is humble and open ended. 


The Healer greets every Sunrise and smiles to every Sunset. 


Writing by Irina Kotlar

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