Winter for Health

‘Summer is for Soul, Winter is for Health’ – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) accords the proverb with an elegant explanation.

The way we grow and develop, the way we live, the way we rise to a challenge, the way we age and our sexual health all depend on balanced Water Element.

So, why ‘….Winter is for Health’ and what can you do for your health in winter?

According to TCM winter is super important. Winter is a season of Kidney/Bladder system – the Water element – and the very foundation of health. Both preserving and building up health is the focus in winter.



Kidneys/Bladder health

Chinese Medicine looks at the Kidney/Bladder system as a battery of the body where all our vital energy or life force is stored. The Kidney/Bladder system is the foundation of good health, vitality and optimal life expectancy.

Our Kidneys energy naturally and progressively declines as we age. A glorified ‘hard work-hard play’ consumption oriented lifestyle depletes Kidneys energies much quicker.

Acupuncture point Bladder 23 aptly named ‘Sea of Vitality’ and Colourpuncture zone known as Kidney poles are the keys to supporting Kidney energies. Acupressure, Acupuncture or Colourpuncture are all good to use.


Immune system

While colds and flus are common in winter, they are not unavoidable. ‘To treat or not to treat’ your common cold/flu is not a question but rather a focus on supporting your body’s natural self-healing efforts. Acupuncture curbs the development of cold on the early stage. Colourpuncture excels as a self-care for colds and flus. Acupuncture points Lu7 and LI4 treated with Colourpuncture colours Red (or Blue if there is fever) together with Ren22 in Yellow is a simple first step in self care, both for prevention and when you already have cold/flu symptoms.

Acupressure/Colourpuncture of Ren 22  helps even with old and chronic upper respiratory tract problems. A Crystalpuncture tattoo on the Ren 22 works wonders for colds, sore throats and loss of voice.

Recurrent colds? Acupressure/Colourpuncture of GB25 will help both with Kidney/Bladder health and Immune system by touching on individual conflicts which silently but continuously zap your energy leaving little to the immune system.



Winter is a prime time for Intentional Dreaming and Dreamwork and getting to know yourself through your dreams. Creating time for your dreams – sleeping more, tuning into dreams, helping your dreams along with Dream Work or/and Oil Relax makes all the difference. Re-read your dream journal and highlight recurrent dreams to get to know yourself and your true life situation as you feel it not as you think about it.


Winter Living

  • Embrace Winter after Christmas
  • Check in with the elements outdoors
  • Indulge into the art of good-for-your-Soul hygge
  • Don’t light up the night as Light-at-Night harms your health according to recent research
  • Keep your indoor lights dim and warm (Red, Orange, Yellow) to avoid disruption of melatonin production
  • Ginger tea – Kidneys friendly spice with gentle warming properties – seems to be made for winter
  • Keep your body warm especially feet, knees and the kidneys area – wool is perfect
  • Journal to review and reconsider some areas of your life while Nature rests
  • Ask yourself Winter Questions to make new decisions to manifest in Spring
  • Practice Acupressure and/or Colourpuncture of Lu7, LI4, Bladder 23, Kidney poles, Ren22 and GB25
  • Rest, relax, keep warm and sleep more to conserve your energy

And why ‘Summer is for Soul….?’ Kidneys (Winter) is a foundation of health in general and Heart health in particular and summer is the season of the Heart. Aren’t traditional Natural Health systems genius??


For Therapists

Create time to take care of yourself, kind Souls! This one is for you: The Quest and the Path 

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We are wishing you happy health building this Winter 🙂



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This article was originally published in February 2020 and updated in December 2023

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