This article was originally published during Covid-19 times….things changed since: most of us by now experienced the feared Covid-19, had our unique experience of it, but – nothing changed since in main principles of managing of acute respiratory states; so while this article is updated, the information is still valid. More so, any new virus or pandemic of a respiratory ‘pathogen invasion’ type in the future – or a familiar but nonetheless unpleasant cold or flu, the same management applies (after all, human physiology hasn’t changed…). So, it’s always a good time to brush up on our knowledge and skills for both strengthening of our immune system and management of an already developed disease.

Here’s the original article, with updates:

We might have waited forever to summon courage to ‘rock the boat’ and change some aspects of our lives which were no longer useful…to look inside….and find out what is really important for us and finally start living from an authentic place…one step at a time…may be…one day.   

Now, the ‘help’ had arrived, swift and unexpected. Coronavirus panic turned many things upside down for good many people and well, acted as however unwelcome but a catalyst for deep – and quick – change. Suddenly, we all found ourselves on a fast track to personal development. Compulsory staying inside just added to the intensity. 

At least now:

  • no time is wasted anymore on decisions, 
  • no energy is tied in contemplations,
  • no going back for most even if we wanted to.

We sailed off.

So there is something to be happy about, we got up from well, got kicked from the fence and into the open 🙂 

Cities are empty, places are closed, fear is palpable and everywhere.

Is there anything to do in Coronavirus chaos apart from keeping weakening our immune systems through elevated stress response coming with daily doses of (un actionable) fear? What actions can be taken? Why actions are even needed when seemingly there isn’t much we can do?

Sure, we can stock canned tuna and keep distance but is that enough?

The virus is novel, but the body responds to ‘external’ pathogens in a similar way. COVID-19 belongs to a category of acute diseases and as such it can be treated as any acute disease no matter the label or newness of it. The problem with Coronavirus is that it might cause a rapidly developing acute respiratory infectious disease which might include atypical pneumonia. 

Meaning, action is needed for prevention (in my opinion). 


Possible solutions:

TCM: Recent reports from China show better outcomes when TCM was used alongside Western medicine. Well before era of scientific research/Western Medicine – as we know it – even began, TCM had answers on treatment of acute respiratory diseases. 

The Natural Health systems have a long track records of managing acute diseases: the principles and treatment options are largely the same regardless of the disease name or ‘pathogen’. 

Colourpuncture shines in treatments of acute diseases of any kind as it doesn’t just get you through the disease successfully; applied well, it has a potential to get you feeling better than you did before. 

Western medicine: some people will need it and in these cases it is a blessing. 


Getting into our best shape 

We are largely unprepared for epidemics, with no clarity or plan. Luckily they tend to be once in a lifetime event (if that often). News are scary and offer little advice.

So the idea here is to be prepared in case you do ‘contract the virus’. 

This was in the news lately (wish it was there in the beginning to save so many people so much worry) that the same steps that you take preparing to operation work to get your immune system in the best shape.

It was actually a good and clear advice. Good diet, light foods, no overeating and exercise, getting fit, healthy weight. Great, but is that enough?

For me personally, the following is important to stay composed and reasonably positive amidst all the chaos: 

  • Knowledge: background information
  • Level of action and contribution: who are we going to help? and how? what are we going to do? what are we not going to do?
  • Self care and boosting self healing body powers
  • Keeping calm and going back…. to what we were working on before… but: remembering to wash our hands more often…being present for every day of our life and every person in it and firmly focusing on things which are really important. 

If we 

get into our best shape

know basics of what to do in case of acute disease 

and to recover fully if we do get affected 

then our stress levels go down and our actual chances of good outcome go up. 

If we

indulge into un actionable emotion such as 





then immune function go down and chances of potential complications go up. 


  TCM Acupuncture take on Coronavirus

TCM Acupuncture (alongside moxibustion and herbs) have been used in China during current Coronavirus pandemic alongside western medications, quarantine and disinfection measures. China Association of Acupuncture–Moxibustion developed Guidance for Acupuncture and Moxibustion intervention on COVID-19 (Second edition). 

Over thousands of years, TCM has accumulated vast experience of fighting against epidemic, on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Modern clinical studies show that Acupuncture can regulate immune function and act as anti-inflammatory and anti-infection. 

The Guidance focuses on principles and methods of acupuncture–moxibustion interventions, and self-help. The treatment strategy is to strengthen the viscera and its Qi so the invading pathogens can be expelled. Acupuncture also stimulates the Qi, boosts self protection of the viscera and reduces the damage of the organs. 

The treatment focuses on main Acupoints (adding symptomatic points as needed) and rests on the principle ‘Less is more’. Acupuncture improves lung function, regulates innate immunity, respiratory system and overcomes the damage from lung inflammation.

So, TCM Acupuncture has some good answers based on both long term tradition and recent field practice.


Patients are encouraged to actively participate:

Meridian massage (Acupressure) is used for physical and mental recovery on Lung and Heart meridians of upper limb; Spleen and Stomach meridians below the knee. 

Exercise, mental and emotional healthcare are important, as is relaxation both physically and mentally, to relieve anxiety and improve sleep. 

The list of self care options is long and nurturing. The convalescence is vital to restore body’s strength and repair the damage to the organs. 


Acupuncture points to learn and practice now:

From the extensive Guidance, for non therapists I’d choose the points for Acupressure based on: 1) ease of locating and reaching and 2) breadth of positive influence on general health.  

  • Points on front midline of the body: Ren meridian: 22, 17, 12, 6, 4 
  • Lung meridian: Lu5, Lu7
  • Large Intestine meridian: LI4, LI11
  • Spleen meridian: SP6
  • Stomach meridian: St36, 25
  • Pericardium meridian: P6
  • Liver meridian: Li3
  • Back points: Bl13 (11, 12 are good too).


Why learn these Acupuncture/Acupressure points now? 

1. Being prepared=being calm. Being calm=being in healing, resourceful Parasympathetic state=best immune resources. Being prepared=going back to your business.

2. If you do get the infection you will sail though it better, quicker and with minimum damage.

3. These are Acupuncture points of major importance and they are often used in many Acupuncture therapy sequences so if you learn and practice them your general health will improve greatly. 


Colourpuncture for Immune System: 

The idea here is to get immune system in best of shapes. This includes:

1) emotional stability and good endocrine function

2) unimpeded lymphatic drainage

3) happy limbic system, free from old repeated hung ups 

4) sorting out major energy drains such as stress, chronic diseases, and internal conflicts. The less existing burdens our immune system has the more resources it can summon in case of need and the better outcome we can hope for.


Colourpuncture on !Defence!

Early stages. Timely treatment on this stage might stop or alleviate the whole development! Meaning we need to pay attention to early warning signs of Coronavirus infection and take swift action. I’d add that tiredness and a vague feeling of being out of sorts belongs here as well – these tend to occur before explicit symptoms of any acute infection. 

If we missed the early warning signs or our body is weakened we might develop acute, cold/flu like symptoms aka ‘Wind Cold’ or ‘Wind Heat invasion’ in TCM. The idea here is to impede the development of the disease and reduce severity of symptoms before the infection can get deeper into the body on which stage we will most likely need medical intervention. 

Recovery. Everybody heard about importance of recovery but how often do we practice it? Usually we are so happy to get through the acute stage and hurry to celebrate our victory that we forget that symptoms do not always correctly reflect the internal situation. I was (unpleasantly) surprised to find out that big problems can follow in case of not full a recovery from Coronavirus. Recovery stage is vital for an overall resolution of the process. 


Endocrine – Toxic – Degenerative route of diseases:

In the Toxic Basic Pattern (infection, inflammation, pain, high fever), ‘the causes come from the endocrine’. 

Meaning that just un actionable emotions alone might reach the tipping point and trigger lingering focal toxicosis processes in the body which is a danger ON THE TOP of a current pathogen: immune system might really get a hard time attending to it all. 

It is well known that stress leads to increased vulnerability of organs and systems against attacks from the outside. So it’s important to stay calm and act. 

And, ‘the consequences reflect into the degenerative and static – chronic’, meaning, complications are possible if acute stage is not managed well. If we fail to take timely action or we suppress without supporting, consequences are likely. 


Colourpuncture treatments to revise (or learn) now:

1. Preparation: 

  • Basic Endocrine treatment: to de-stress and ensure good flow of Qi
  • ‘Mini’ conflict resolution: limbic point, C1 and C9, GB25 (GB25 gives access to the conflicts that weaken our immune system)

Treatments for any present chronic conditions 

  • Immune ellipse
  • Red ellipse

2. Acute stage:

  • Basic Toxic treatment
  • ‘Cold’ treatment 
  • Bronchitis
  • Support of lungs and bronchi 

Important!!! In case of high fever, Lu7, LI4, LI1-4 line and SJ5 are all treated in Blue

3. Recovery: 

  • Convalescence 1 and 2


Natural Health: 

  • Fresh air and sunlight including drying cloths/bedding in the sun
  • Warm food, no sugars of any kind, no dairy, careful with strong coffee – it uses up your adrenal energy 
  • If unwell, go to bed to save your resources
  • Manage fever within healing range
  • Plant based fresh food, alkalising, anti-inflammatory, probiotics 
  • Plenty of quality fluids, not cold   
  • Good breathing, rest and sleep
  • Natural Health practices for managing fever 


Not ill but worried 

     The Guidance mentions “reinforcing the Earth to generate Metal” in treatments stage. I feel that the other side of 5 Elements cycle is also important: we want to act rather than react and to translate fear into positive action; so we need to make Water happy so it does not draw excessive resources from the Metal by weakening cycle. Meaning: routine, rest, sleep, fear management, deep self reflection, quality questions, connection with family and roots and Inner Self. 

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below and ask me anything you would like to know about Colourpuncture and what it can help you with, I’m happy to share what I learnt about Colorpuncture 🙂 And if you don’t have your Colorpuncture Perlux yet, don’t worry: Acupressure on Colourpuncture points will give very good results.






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