‘Supporting your Immune System’ was originally published in 2020 at the very beginning of Covid 19 crisis. Even though now Covid seems to ‘has gone out of fashion’ sort of, the disease – as well as any other respiratory system related disease – is going to present an ongoing challenge for us and the only sustainable response is always going to be: strengthening and supporting our immune system. Our body has this and only this way to respond to any ‘external pathogens’ (TCM term) no matter the name – the cold, the flu, the Covid; our initial steps where we can stop it from spiralling out are the same. Here are some self care Colourpuncture/Acupressure ideas on both managing an acute process and long term support for your immune system.

Colourpuncture in Yellow on Acupuncture point Ren 22 (CV 22) is often a first step in resolving acute respiratory problem such as cold, flu, sinusitis; addressing chronic processes in face/head and in general for building a healthy immune system. Ren 22 Acupuncture point is also excellent for mental clarity! Probably one of the most important things when treating your acute cold/flu is to start your treatments as soon as you have the very first symptoms of cold/flu. Long term, most important is: prevention, which involves intentional working on strengthening of your immune system and REN22 is an excellent point for that.

Here is an original article updated in August 2023.

The first question summarises a current focus of Acupuncture therapists researching managing acute respiratory diseases. The second question is on all therapists’ minds whether or not we, our families or people in our care are being directly affected by the current crisis.

A new virus prompts a review of habits

According to TCM if we take correct action on stage of first symptoms of ‘Wind Cold’ or ‘Wind Heat invasion’ (any acute respiratory disease by Western classification) this will ‘expel the Pathogens’ and stop or shorten the duration of a disease and subdue the symptoms. 

In short, with a minimal damage we will develop innate immunity to a particular pathogen just as we do presented with any pathogen.

To manage acute respiratory disease an adequate immune response is vital; so is general good health – quality sleep, supportive daily routine, good diet, fear management, addressing chronic energy drains and a happy life background. 

While unnerving not least because of widespread chaos, current crisis might actually be both a good test on how we have been living our lives till now and a powerful trigger for a constructive change. 


Stages of COVID-19 disease

According to publications from China, from the TCM perspective there are 4 stages of COVID-19 disease:

    1. Prevention 
    2. Early phase: Wind Cold or Wind Heat Invasion. According to Colourpuncture this is Toxic Basic pattern. 
    3. Middle to Critical phase (pneumonia): Damp-Heat obstructing the Lungs, Damp-Cold Accumulation, Toxic blockage of the Lungs and Collapse.
    4. Recovery: Lung and Spleen Qi and Yin Deficiency 

The phases 1 and 2 is where we are encouraged to stay home and this is where we can take action according to classic TCM and in line with recent Acupuncture Guidance. 

Stage 3 is where hospital stay is likely to be imminent or at least an assessment is needed. 

Stage 4 is very important for full convalescence and long term health. 

Please remember to consult your doctor on any stage for informed actions in your particular situation.

I much hope most of us will have enough natural resilience and manage early stages with Natural Health at home. 


Learn Acupuncture points now

The benefits here are two-fold. 

We don’t need an extra stress of learning Acupuncture/Colourpuncture points when we are in the throes of fever. In acute stage all we need is rest, calm and positive outlook. 

And, learning points means practicing and practice itself will become a prep to strengthen your immune system and improve your physical and mental health. As a by product you will be better equipped to deal with any acute disease which abound and various potential challenges coming your way. 

Colds and Flus are being with us since we can remember. A new Coronavirus seems to have arrived here to stay and is projected to likely become a regular addition to other seasonal challenges (‘Pathogens’) affecting vast majority of us.  

Learn your ‘Fire Escape’ map by practicing and you will have a calm working knowledge of it: learn your Acupuncture points today and use them when the next ‘Flu season’ comes.

Better still, create yourself a ‘Flu season’-free life. 

The viruses causing acute respiratory distress are different; the first responses they trigger in our bodies are very similar. In TCM they are all called ‘external pathogens’ and a therapeutic strategy of ‘expelling the pathogens’ has been working through thousands of years of TCM existence and well before ‘viruses’ were discovered. Classic Acupuncture points we use for Colds and Flus were shown to be effective in management of recent Coronavirus crisis in China (1,2).


Colourpuncture for acute respiratory diseases

In case of mild symptoms of any respiratory disease in terms of Colourpuncture we focus more on frequency of treatments than points variation. 

Once a week or twice a week is enough to learn the points and to keep ourselves in the best shape when Cold/Flu is ‘around’. This rises to daily treatments in acute stage until the symptoms start to ease off. We then gradually increase the intervals between treatments – every other day, twice a week, 1/week, 1/month. 

On recovery stage ‘Convalescence 1 and 2’ are good. Also here I’d personally add 4 Life Principles as affected physically or not in current crisis, life changes are imminent and we might as well be proactive about it.

This works both if you prefer to use original Colourpuncture protocols or ‘translate’ Acupuncture protocols into media of Colourpuncture. 


Colourpuncture on Immune System Support

I wholeheartedly recommend investing into Peter Mandel’s ‘Strengthening of the the Immune system’ online workbook as it is smart, comprehensive and a great value. You will learn as much about Colourpuncture approaches as you will about Immune system health and management of respiratory distress of any origin. 

Here’s a brief summary of important themes.

Apart from obvious themes:

  • Immune system support

The GB25 and the Immune Ellipse are important. Obviously we use classic Acupuncture points for Immune System. In Acupuncture we use standard protocols for expelling pathogens in Wind Cold and Wind Heat patterns. 

  • Improving general lymph circulation and draining lymph from the head

One of hallmarks of German Naturopathy, lymphatic system health with efficient circulation and unimpeded lymph draining from the head is in focus. It ensures adequate removal of toxic waste products and is vital in acute inflammatory diseases. 

  • Lung/bronchi support 

Lung support is in focus to prevent and treat pneumonia which is a frequent complication. Lung and Bronchi system is a focus in ‘Active Air’ disease principle.  

In the early stages of viral infections we add Acupuncture points LI4 and Lu7 – to ‘expel Pathogens’. Usually treated in Red or Red/Green complementary colours, during high fever LI4 and Lu7 are treated with Blue. 

…… Colourpuncture goes farther, wider and deeper.

  Corona crisis certainly rises a few existential questions… Solid grounding and keen presence are needed both for adequate response to a potential acute situation and for a bigger picture of the future which we are now striving to create. A strong Spirit (Shen in TCM) will help us to sail through the crisis putting current situation into perspective. 

Things changed. 

This is a challenge, one of many. 

Humans are resilient. 

We will cope with it as humanity did before, many times. 

There were greater challenges in the past.

There is something we can do. 

There is no need to panic or despair. 

The problem here is that our instinctual part (which is on a permanent high alert recent several weeks) doesn’t operate in language. The SNS dominance is  tangible. Our efforts to counterbalance and activate the PSN is challenged every time we watch evening news. Non verbal Colourpuncture is a blessing: it speaks directly to deeper layers of your being and a sense of calm is sustained from inside. 

  • Fear 

Classic Fear Zones of Colourpuncture are invaluable in managing acute fear caused by any source. At the same time it helps to develop that subtle internal sense of trust. 

Trust in nature, trust in flow of time, in process of life. Trust that new things coming in future will be good; may be even better no matter the current drama. Even though main focus here is on physical Kidneys energies as per TCM, this feeds back to Spirit and Existence. 

Again, constant news following keeps us in a state of sympathetic dominance. This doesn’t allow for making good decisions in potentially quickly developing situation. It also depletes body resources. 

Fear is connected with Water principle (Kidneys) in TCM, the foundation of all body health. Further, over-consuming of body energies by Water (Kidneys) weakens the Metal (Lungs) which health is crucial for outcome of respiratory diseases. 

  • Conflicts and stresses 

Conflicts seem like long term chronic deep issues. 

You want to stay home but ‘have to’ work. 

You want to go out and work but ‘have to’ stay home. 

The ‘haves’ are subjective. They are convenient, low energy, familiar states. You know you can. You just have too little energy or strength and too many secondary gains. You know you will resolve your conflict. One day. 

Stress looks like a daily hamster wheel. 

Too much to do; too little time. 

You feel deep down that ‘too much’ are often of a wrong sort. 

The right sort won’t overwhelm you. The right sort will be focused. It won’t even feel like effort. 

Conflicts and stresses seem like from two different weigh categories. And they are to a degree. However, a huge proportion of daily stress comes from unresolved conflicts, unmet needs, unfinished projects, unfulfilled dreams, all submerged under a level of your daily awareness. 

  • Sleep and rest: 

Sleep and rest should be addressed first in Peter Mandel’s opinion; otherwise no true healing will take place. Quality sleep and rest are seen in Colourpuncture as foundational means of strengthening of immune system and general health. 

It seems that sleep should be a natural, obvious end to a day. However, in our world of information without boundaries and expectations without measure quality sleep and rest which is restorative, regenerative, body and soul sustaining, need planning and building. 

When we take all our daily stresses, unsaid words, unfulfilled desires, mishaps and worries into the night (yes, and submerged conflicts) we don’t get quality sleep.

When we don’t rest properly during the day quality night sleep doesn’t happen. 

Rest during the day and Sleep during the night balance out the activity and work. Both rest and sleep are vital to activate parasympathetic system which can balance sympathetic system for healing to take place. 

Also the better we rest the better we will be able to respond in acute situation by action and the stronger our immune system will be.

During the acute stage of a respiratory disease the focus is on supporting the body in its efforts to heal. Rest and quality sleep are vital. 


With Colourpuncture it’s beautiful and easy to use already learned and practiced points from Toxic basic pattern and from Lung and Bronchi support. 

Listening to Sound therapy CD “Strengthening of the Immune system’ is easy and pleasant. Working with Crystal Vision is easy and incredibly relaxing.

Induction therapy for Sleep, Rest and Immune system is both the easiest and most potent in prevention stage. 

Love and appreciate your Immune system. Support it and relive the pressure on it from conflicts, chronic diseases and poor sleep. Build it up day by day. While it might not an overnight success effective daily steps will make it stronger every day. With Natural Health therapies the effects stay and accumulate. 

Sometimes even long held conflicts seemingly impossible to shift, melt. Precisely because you are ready and help is effective. 

Every time you put Colourpuncture light on things start to improve. You will feel the relief, the relaxation, the healing, you will start to breathe and centre within yourself. 

The time to start is now. Focus on long term health building. Shelter within. 

Please get in touch and ask me anything you would like to know about Colourpuncture and what it can help you with – or to learn a tailor made short treatment protocol for your current needs using the form below. If you don’t have your Colourpuncture Perlux yet, don’t worry: Acupressure on Colourpuncture points will give very good results. I’m here and I’m happy to help!



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  • SNS, sympathetic Nervous System
  • PNS, parasympathetic Nervous System


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