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Cafe Self Q&A in 2022 May the 13th September the 9th October the 14th November the 11th   1 hr online Q&A session on any topic from Cafe Self: Questions (more…)

Colourpuncture Outcomes: Insight

If I am to describe ‘Conflict Resolution’ therapies of Colourpuncture is a couple of words it would be: ‘reframing of stuck patterns’. These can be: thought patterns, reaction patterns, behavioural (more…)

Colourpuncture Outcomes: Resolution

If you never experienced Colourpuncture, you may be wondering what the outcome of your Colourpuncture session will be. If you experienced Colourpuncture a lot, you may be wondering why there (more…)

Treating Fatigue

Where do you start when treating tiredness, fatigue, low moods, low concentration? There is tiredness of the Body; tiredness of the Soul and tiredness of the Spirit. And there are (more…)