Colourpuncture ‘Prenatals’ is one of the most effective and well-loved therapies in the Esogetic system. Prenatals reframe negative imprints formed at birth/in utero: traumatic birth; unwanted pregnancy; pregnancy complications including less than wonderful environment for the mother and so on. It gives us so much…people really feel ’re-born’ – renewed; elated; relaxed and energised; their main un-constructive patterns uncovered and reframed. The only ‘problem’ with the Prenatals is: it’s all done on feet and for this reason even though it’s possible to DIY it, it’s hard to relax while self-giving Prenatal Colourpuncture. Is there a solution? 

I always sort of accepted that ‘Prenatals is not a self-care therapy’ like say Colorpuncture Coordination 1; having experienced a deeply reframing, insightful Prenatals myself at the very beginning of my Colourpuncture training I never really thought of repeating any of it for myself. Most of my patients – even those with their own Perluxes – have been content receiving it. And then a Zoom meetings time arrived…and within a short period of time several of my Colourpuncture students – who were practicing Reflexologists – requested an adaptation of Prenatals as a hand Reflexology protocol. I usually use classic Esogetic treatment protocols myself (I’m happy with them as they give consistently good results; there is a huge choice); sometimes I create my own Colorpuncture treatment combinations mainly by adapting Acupuncture protocols – classic TCM and Balance Method – to Colorpuncture. All my Reflexology students knew how to translate feet points/lines/zones into hand Reflexology; I was also trained in Metamorphic Technique, a spin-off Reflexology and a base on which Colourpuncture Prenatal therapies were originally created – so I knew that in Metamorphic Technique we use the same spine projections on the hands as we do on the feet.

We all tried the hand Reflexology Colorpuncture Prenatals – with very good results! So now I’m very happy to have this adaptation for self care – there are many cases when Prenatals are needed as a new therapy or a refresher. And while I’d highly recommend to experience a full sequence of Colourpuncture Prenatals as a patient in the hands of a Colorpuncture therapist well skilled in this technique, as one of my Colorpuncture teachers says “If nobody will do it for you, you better do it for yourself than it’s not done at all”. Self-care Prenatals, Colorpuncture hand Reflexology adaptation we talk about here is also perfect as a refresher; I’d recommend to repeat it at least once a year; every time there is a big change in life; a very new situation demanding you be very focused, present and confident; every time you feel you deviated from your true Self and need ‘centering’.

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below, I’m happy to connect with you to give some tips on the ‘translation’ of this technique to the hands Reflex Zones, there are some important helpful tips here. Join us at Creative Colourpuncture Membership group calls for full details and guided experience of this and other treatments (as well as creating your own Colourpuncture treatment protocols, personal treatment plans, supervision, support with your clinical cases and much more)!

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