Colourpuncture: FREE mini consults

Colourpuncture: 100 in 30 Ask your question about Colourpuncture! FREE, no obligations 15 min 1:1 online consultations November 2021: please get in touch and ask me anything you would like (more…)

FREE Colourpuncture Q&A sessions

Next Colourpuncture Q&A session is on the 28th of January 2022. Meanwhile you may wish to visit our Colourpuncture Library Cafe Self YouTube Channel where we will be adding new materials (more…)

“Butterfly of Metamorphosis”

Have you ever wondered how to naturally to move from one stage of life to another? The way butterflies do?? When we think of a butterfly we usually visualise a (more…)

Crystal ‘Activator’: ENERGY!

“How does Crystal Activator works that it gives us so much ENERGY?”, was one of our November Colourpuncture Q&A question. How to have more energy? How to create more energy (more…)

How to Use Ultraviolet: Information, Energy, Matter

Ultraviolet Light relates to a principle of Information – reaching dimensions which other wavelengths don’t reach. We use it for problems and diseases with (deep!) ancestry roots, obscure symptoms, therapy (more…)

Yin Yang Crystals on Acupuncture points

Would you like to get really creative working with Yin Yang Crystals – while following a clear and reliable system? The simplest way to start is hands down using Yin (more…)