Sunshine Yellow

How do you reach your personal Zenith, physical and intellectual? Welcome to Colour Yellow: in many important areas of our life Yellow bestows upon us its warmth, dynamism, brilliance, strength and sustaining power of optimal functioning – so we can shine just as the Sun standing in its Zenith at midday.   Achieving optimal functioning (more…)

The battle must go on: Introduction to Toxic Basic Pattern

‘Suddenly’ finding yourself being the middle of action while you are experiencing an acute disease of any origin (read: your body summoned all its resources for a good fight for your better health) you can: Choose to support the Army (the immune system) and direct the Battle (acute disease) at Present; master the ‘Art of War’ (more…)

Happy Orange

Few colours will put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and warm up your mood and heart quicker than Orange. Joy and happiness, fun and abundance are gifts of a generous Orange colour.   Orange is a happy colour 🙂 Orange is second colour in Colourpuncture’s spectral colours sequence and it symbolises warmth, generosity (more…)

Creating a Panorama of Self and Life

Have you ever wondered why we don’t ask ourselves really important questions – about our (precious) Life and our (unique) Self – so we can see ourself and our life as a whole, as if we are observing a panorama of our life, external and internal? And why we don’t ask these questions till we (more…)

Active Red

    Having learnt, experienced, given and taught Colourpuncture since 2013 I long thought about simple short cuts to explain Colourpuncture for somebody who is new to it. A video ‘Active Red’ opens our video series on introduction to Colourpuncture: Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture. You can consider this video series to be an (more…)

Spring Cleanse

Crisis or not, a beautiful fresh Spring has arrived! 2021 Cleanse is as exceptionally easy as 2020 one: yet another lockdown helpfully highlighted areas of our lives which need a detox… Forget about focusing on ‘detox’ with diet and ‘spring cleaning’ of the house; while still relevant they shifted into a background to play a (more…)

Colds and Flus: to treat or not to treat

‘If you treat a cold it will go away in a week, if you don’t it will go away in 7 days’. Is this adage true?  And once an acute period of cold or flu is over, will it: 1) go away as if it never happened? 2) trigger complications? or, 3) make you feel (more…)

‘Summer is for Soul, Winter is for Health’

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) accords the proverb with an elegant explanation. The way we grow and develop, the way we live, the way we rise to a challenge, the way we age and our sexual health all depend on balanced Water Element. So, why ‘….Winter is for Health’ and what can you do for your (more…)

Colourpuncture for Spring Cleanse

Colourpuncture light therapy is a bright new choice for traditional Spring Cleanse to restore vitality and make a fresh start after a long spell of Winter. Colourpuncture will help you to support your Liver/Gall Bladder system addressing many facets on physical, emotional and informational energy levels: current personal (body-mind detox), developmental personal, ancestral. Colourpuncture light therapy offers you (more…)