Colourpuncture Party!

How Colourpuncture Party would look like to you? On my first Colourpuncture Party I was a Rose themed Fairy – with a ‘Magic Wand’, Perlux – representing Melancholy and Inspiration.  I was lucky to be a part of several very special Colourpuncture Parties and I’d love to create a similar experience for you. Our FREE (more…)

What is Colourpuncture – in a nutshell

There are many ways to answer ‘What is Colourpuncture?’ and ‘What does Colourpunture do?’ Here is how I see Colourpuncture in my life and my Clinic. Colourpuncture is an ocean of possibilities for building sustainable health and wellbeing and a fast track to personal development. It offers us so many things that I’m sure we (more…)

Colds and Flus: to treat or not to treat

‘If you treat a cold it will go away in a week, if you don’t it will go away in 7 days’. Is this adage true?  And once an acute period of cold or flu is over, will it: 1) go away as if it never happened? 2) trigger complications? or, 3) make you feel (more…)

Colourpuncture and Light Therapy

Light therapy – a therapy based on shining bright white or coloured light onto a patient – has a history stretching back thousands of years to the Indians and ancient Egyptians. In modern times Light Therapy is used to treat eczema, acne, psoriasis, SAD syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and winter depression. At the Ultraviolet end of (more…)