There are many ways to answer ‘What is Colourpuncture?’ and ‘What does Colourpuncture do?’ Here is how I see Colorpuncture in my life and my Clinic. Colourpuncture is an ocean of possibilities for building sustainable health and wellbeing – and a fast track to personal development. It offers us so many things that I’m sure we all have our personal Colorpuncture stories to tell. 

Colourpuncture has been a big part of my life and my family’s life and it never fails to surprise me, to give great results and exceed my expectations.  I use Colourpuncture for myself, my family, and in my Clinic and I’m as passionate about it today as I was back in September 2003 when I first held my Perlux in my hands. I’ve been giving and receiving Colourpuncture ever since and I started teaching Colourpuncture early on after my initial training. 

I discovered Colourpuncture looking for solutions for my own long term and stubborn health challenges and it didn’t disappoint me: Colourpuncture helped me with my chronic headaches and stomach aches, sinusitis, and more. However, this was a just a small part in comparison to what Colourpuncture did for me as a person (this isn’t a full list but an attempt of a summary): 

  • Colourpuncture has been helping me to maintain my health at a level I never thought I would achieve 
  • One of the first effect of Colourpuncture, right after my initial 3 days training was of a soft ‘letting go’ nature: it was amazing how receiving some coloured light on some Acupuncture points (supported by some insightful dreamwork) caused some major old hurts and hang-ups to just dissolve into a thin air. Driving back home I felt I was ready to live my life from a fresh start – and I still remember how it felt: unbelievable.  
  • One of most intriguing effects of Colourpuncture has been connecting with childhood and early adulthood memories. Sometimes I feel that literally Colorpuncture brought back my memories of my earlier life which for whatever reasons were held somewhere unaccessible. Not bad, not good, just memories. I never thought much of a notion that our memories form a huge part of our identity but it feels like a gift. 
  • I’m one of those people who when asked by a childhood friend ‘do you remember when we/you/I did/went x y z?’ would raise their eyebrows in sheer amazement – I didn’t. In comparison with other people, my patients and fellow students this particular gift of Colourpuncture took a while for me to experience as I’m on a therapy-resistant part of the Colorpuncture patients responses spectrum 🙂 
  • Colourpuncture helped me to develop trust that whatever is unfolding makes sense even though I might not see it at the time
  • Colourpuncture brought me clarity, calm and inner strength which in turn made other things possible
  • Colourpuncture helped me to start new things in face of total uncertainty – and not just once!
  • Colourpuncture would make an important bond between me and my children at some challenging times when it seemed that this bond didn’t exist at all
  • Colourpuncture helped me to see beyond my own emotional suffering and into the other people’s emotional suffering which was masked by various ‘behaviours’ 
  • Colourpuncture helped me to relate better with people in my life and meet new people from various walks of life – well outside of my usual academic circle – amazing people who are on the same wavelength which has been a real gift
  • Colourpuncture helped me to see myself as a part of a bigger picture in complex situations which involve many people
  • Colourpuncture has been helped me to bridge my personality with my individuality and be more authentic 
  • Interestingly, Colourpuncture somehow helped me to see myself and my life in a Past-Present-Future frame of reference, which seems like a magic of perception but in reality all we see is how we ‘operate’, our inner workings which drive our choices and daily behaviour and this stays the same in the flow of time unless we make deliberate changes 
  • Colourpuncture keeps helping me to resolve my internal conflicts part of which were unconscious conflicts such as conflict between parts of my family which I didn’t realised I internalised, carried and unconsciously kept recreating in my own life
  • Colourpuncture helped me to see myself as if in a really good – honest! – mirror so it helped me to clearly see my needs and motivations and this gave me freedom and helped making better decisions. 

Speaking of decisions I can’t describe Colourpuncture better than as a real catalyst, the best tool for making balanced decisions: it helps to bring forward decisions which are much needed but difficult to make. I found that Colourpuncture helps you to make certain decisions which speed up processes which otherwise would have taken years to unfold and would still led to the same outcome. Prime example would be letting go of life situations which are no longer feeding you no matter how long term and familiar; they are no longer relevant but you stay in these situations out of familiarity or fear or simply lack of vision for the future.

In a nutshell, Colourpuncture helps you to see ‘what is’ and not ‘what was’ or ‘what could have been’. And it helps you to see yourself and be yourself as you are and not what you think you should be or other people want you to be.  It helps you to be real big time and see possibilities which you didn’t see trying to chase after ‘what should have been’.

I’ve seen Colourpuncture doing all of this and more for my patients over the years and I’m truly grateful. I’m happy to connect for an informal chat about Colourpuncture – no obligations – feel free to connect using the form below to ask me any questions you may have and find out what Colourpuncture can do for you 🙂

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