Decision making….how easy it is for you? Decision making has been certainly a challenge for me as I always want my decisions to be perfect.…so it takes time…doubts…making decisions…doubting the decision made…and so on. Trying to resolve the challenge I tried many things before I found – unexpectedly – that Colourpuncture offers an elegant solution.

In a nutshell, typically after some process of conscious contemplation of options from a point of view of logic…common sense…social conventions…sometimes with some undetected fears in the mix…I would just do some Colourpuncture on Acupuncture points: to relax, to centre myself, to connect with something what I know is true but what tends to be hidden underneath of all the daily clutter of chaotic thoughts, tensions and automatic responses.

Here we need to be specific – for this you need to know at the very least some Colourpuncture basics. You can’t make a mistake if you choose the ‘wrong’ point to treat (there isn’t such a thing unless in very specific situations related to physical health), it just not going to be that effective. So, the choice of the point/points/line/zone matters. I tried it many times for myself and my patients and it works every time. Mostly, these decisions were centred around personal choices, it just tend to be this way. Recently, I had a chance to see how it works in relationship questions situation. The result (please watch the video, it’s a fragment from our September 2022 Q&A where I shared this story) was a pleasant surprise and once again confirmed that Colorpuncture doesn’t add anything new; but it resolves conflicts and fears, remove blockages and we just feel into what is needed – even if this is totally bypasses our ego ideas, wishes and agendas.

The treatment I mention in the video is from Colour Reflexology course. Colour Reflexology is actually one of our really good tools which offers a balanced mixture of very simple, body health focused treatments of classic foot and hand Reflexology Zones with colour – and some top-of-the-range Colourpuncture such as Reflexology specific versions of Cosmic Clocks and Prenatals. Highly recommend training, whether you are a Reflexology therapist, Colourpuncture student or you just want to learn Colorpuncture for yourself and family. Part 1 and Part 2 of Colour Reflexology are totally self content so you can start with either, depending what you want to learn.

This video is a fragment from our Colourpuncture Q&A calls and here we mention just some general rules and examples. If you are already practicing Colorpuncture and need more specific information, please get in touch using the form below. If you feel inspired by Colorpuncture and want to learn more of this beautiful healing system, please join us for one of our training events. If you are a Colourpuncture therapist already or just starting in Colorpuncture, we are here to support you on every step of your journey!


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