Do you happen to get…from time to time…the sort of ‘hot water bottle – blanket – cup of tea’ moods when you feel like somethings else is needed (like some good health self care), but that has to be 1) easy; 2) nurturing and 3) very, very comfortable? some years ago I discover just this use for a ‘flood light’ Colourpuncture Perlux. I like the efficiency and precision of a point treatment Colourpuncture Perlux – 100% of light delivered exactly into an Acupuncture point totally fits with me as an Acupuncturist. However…..For well….cosy state of being I found that a ‘flood light’ or ‘flat focus’ Perlux is the key. Why? Simple: typically, in this state of mood we tend just to to do anything at all – we are too sensitive in these times, or/and just want some cosiness, and some Soul feeding, simple self care. 

I also found that using the flat focus Colourpuncture Perlux makes a difference between doing some simple points or not doing anything at all when we travel for example. And, traditionally for Colorpuncture we use a flat focus fro treating big skin areas, Dream Zones and Reflexology. It also very good for treating children – especially when a child insists that they themselves need to hold it on the point (most of my little patients would ask for it). 

I started my Colourpuncture practice with a point treatment Perlux and for several years this was my only tool. Then I invested into a Combi set, mainly to speed up treatments in my Clinic by treating symmetrical points with two Perluxes simultaneously. Still, I didn’t use the salt focus much except for the Dreamwork – it seems well, too simple in comparison with the point treatment Perlux. And then gradually I warmed up to the flat focus Perlux to a degree that now I often use just that for treating myself – unless I need to use Soul Spirit or Grey colours as these are not compatible with the flat focus torch. Would I buy just the flat focus if I were to start again? No, because I really need and love my Soul Spirit and now also Grey colours so I would love to have an option to use them. Combi is an ideal answer but if cost is an issue, just see what is more important for you at the moment. Cosiness, love of Dreamwork and treating children and mainly using Colourpuncture or body ailments and at home? Go for a flat focus Colourpuncture set. If precision and further potential to use the colours for emotional health and healing the traumas, the chronic diseases and obscure health issues is your aim, then go for a point treatment Colorpuncture Perlux. In any case, you will invite a healing softness, calm, balance and even a little magic into your life with Colourpuncture, so just start 🙂

Here is the video transcript:

“So, the ‘Flat Focus’ (Colourpuncture Perlux tool for treating big skin surfaces). Flat Focus is something that I personally didn’t use until much later because I started off with my ‘Point treatment’ Perlux (Colourpuncture tool for treating Acupuncture points) and I used it for many years and I developed a successful practice just using this one on Acupuncture points and I also would stroke the lines (Acupuncture meridians) with that. However, at some point I got the Flat Focus and so the use of Flat Focus which we know about is: Dream Zones (because you treat really big zones on the skin: for example this one is ‘Zone of Joy’ then this one is a Zone of Greed actually ‘Avarice and Greed’ and this one is Zone of Letting Go; this one is Zone of Fear and so on. There are many zones – Dream Zones – which you can treat with a Flat Focus and as we just talked about Flat Focus is also very good for stroking the lines because this is just softer. Flat Focus is a must if you treat children, because children do not like – even though the ‘pointed’ focus, it doesn’t give you any pain because this is just a glass rod but they not necessarily like it especially with stroking the lines and ‘Prenatal treatments’ are something that we do a lot for children – it starts with stroking the lines and they don’t like it. So the Flat Focus (Colorpuncture tool for treating big skin surfaces) is really really good and so yeah big surfaces; Reflexology; treating children; Dream Work. This is something that everybody knows, this is how we use the Flat Focus. However, about two-three years ago – and we are talking I’ve been doing Colourpuncture since 2003, so it’s like… forever – I discovered a different way to use a Flat Focus Colorpuncture. I discovered, that when I’m really really in a very ‘tender’ state of you know emotions… it doesn’t happen to me very often – I tend to have I tend to know what’s going on for me and I tend to act on it and resolve the problem and I have plenty of Colorpuncture and other tools to do it. However…. when I feel like I need a Colorpuncture treatment but I really… I want to be in this state of being like under the blanket, with a hot water bottle, with a cup of tea – you know this type of thing – it just came to me that I need to use this (Flat Focus Perlux Colourpuncture tool) and I started using the Flat Focus. And Flat Focus is – what it does, obviously it gives you if you compare it to the regular focus, it gives you more of a floodlight as opposite to this is more of so you can see the difference – so this point tip it goes straight into (an Acupuncture) point. It’s a pyramidal end if you can see it focuses it really focuses the light into the Acupuncture point. And this is a great precision and this is fantastic for this. This (Flat Focus Colorpuncture Perlux) is more of a sort of floodlight; it’s a ‘softer’ influence. What I tend to do with that I tend to hold it a little bit longer.
Just a little bit longer, because I’m feeling that if this (Colorpuncture Perlux for Point Treatment) is a great precision and we use it to deliver a certain amount of light within the same time I would hold (the Flat Focus Colorpuncture Perlux) a little bit longer. So this is an interesting use that I found so hope it helps.”

This video is a fragment from our September 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions! Join us for our next Colorpuncture Q&A with your Colourpuncture questions 🙂

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