Dreamwork Challenge: Dream Yourself Together

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Dreamwork Challenge: Dream Yourself Together

June 20 - June 28

Dreams & Dream Analysis

Dream Yourself Together is a 9 days online Dreamwork Challenge by Cafe Self. You will learn simple tools to help you sleep better, have better quality dreams and become intentional about your dreams and dreamwork.

We will learn various simple tools and techniques which require very little time investment (from 5 min to 30 min depending which tools combination you choose to use) and far reaching benefits.


Benefits of targeted dreaming and dreamwork 

  • It’s empowering: when you know how to analyse your dreams (quickly and easily) you will stop being a fully clueless ‘victim’ of your dreams: you take time to decipher and you fill the gaps in your life perception with it
  • Better plans: use it to adjust your plans as it’s likely dreams will point out missing links in a picture of your current reality, something that your Daily conscious Self simply didn’t notice (or didn’t want to notice) or some feeling that was dismissed but it shouldn’t have
  • Connecting with your Inner Self and listening to Soul messages
  • It’s relaxing: especially if you are prone to stress, anxiety or default negativity your often dreams will reflect that so it’s then easy to lose important information dismissing it all as ‘anxious person=anxious dreams’ – sometimes this can be something completely different
  • It can take you places! Sometimes Dreams seem to connect us with an interesting and otherwise unaccessible level of reality and it can be purely enjoyable experience
  • It can just answer your life questions 🙂
  • It will greatly contribute in your better health
  • It will give you better focus and concentration on things important to you
  • It will balance your perception of Life and Self and so will promote better mood and self esteem
  • It will help you to sleep much better!


You will learn and experience:

  • 10 Dream Zones on the skin for ‘targeted dreaming’ to get your Health/Soul/Life questions answered
  • How to create Dream Zones combinations
  • How to create your own ‘Dream Zones’
  • How to use Oil Relax: to easily and quickly activate Dream Zones on the skin
  • 10 Acupressure points for better sleep and overall body functioning and body and mind regeneration
  • How to use different media for better sleep, dreams and insights
  • How to create optimal environment for your sleep and dreams
  • How to use dreams as guidance for your daily life for better aligned life
  • How you can add Colourpuncture to your Dream toolkit to deepen and broaden the experience
  • How to add extremely easy to use Sound therapy to reach a different layer of your Being
  • How best to create you Dreams Journal: raw material for dream work, creating new choices and record your personal history (vital in cases of unpleasant dreams as you will remember the analysis, the essence of the dream and not the dream itself)
  • How to learn the art of asking yourself Quality Questions to start a dialog with your Inner self.


What you need:

  • A journal for ‘stream of consciousness’ writing with a special place for dreams – or a separate Dreams Journal which is for dreams recording and decoding only
  • Oil Relax – optional but highly recommended. For a very small investment it will give you about 2 months of deep Soul feeding dreamwork. It’s our staple for Holidays for the Soul
  • Sound Therapy
  • Dream Set – a luxurious extra if you feel committed to working with your Dreams already.

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June 20
June 28
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