A Map of Your Body on Your Skin

Have you ever thought of your skin as a dynamic interface between a ‘real world’ and your elusive ‘inner self’ on which both worlds leave their marks? This was what Peter Mandel discovered during his decades of successful naturopathic practice. He created an empirical ‘skin catalog’ consisting of different Zones. There is a Joy Zone. There is a Relationships Zone. There are Zones of Fear, Greed, Letting go; Zone of  Memory, Zone of Subconscious, Zone of True potential and more.

A fascinating discovery of this Map of the Body on the Skin led to a possibility to influence your own life experience, deepen your self-awareness and increase your well-being with a simple self-treatment of the Zones. The various therapeutic media can be used but in its most basic and easiest form these skin zones can be self-massaged with a natural Wild-herb Oil in Dream Zone Therapy with Esogetic Oil Relax.

‘Expansion of Consciousness’ Dream Zones  is a time tested, simple yet very effective start for your Dream work.  Expansion of Consciousness’ Dream Zones  is a profound soul journey in itself as well as a foundation for deeper work.  Five Dream zones ‘Expansion of Consciousness’ – Zone of Spirit, Zone of Emotions and Intuition, Zone of Imagination, Zone of Intellect and Mental Zone – provide general support of mental and spiritual activity as well as help to fall asleep naturally and sleep better.

And then there are Symbol Dream Zones and more.

Up to 3 different Dream Zones can be worked on a day. Please remember that you work towards a targeted dreaming, basically presenting your body with a specific ‘set of questions’; you would not want to confuse the body with too many questions and yourself with a subsequent dream interpretation!

Zone of Joy (over inner wrists) can be massaged every day and at any time of the day to relieve tiredness. Joy Zone is great done in the afternoon or on a long drive, for example. If done during the day, it will not count towards your ‘3 before bedtime zones’. Zone of Joy can treated  in combination with any other Dream Zones.

Dream Zones Therapy with Esogetic Oil Relax

1. Massage your chosen Dream Zone with your hands in circular movements.

2. Gently rub 1-3 drops of Esogetic Oil Relax into the Zone and massage the Zone again gently with a circular motion for  for 1-2 min. Treat up to 3 zones (no more) at any 1 day. When a Zone is a pair, it counts as 1 Zone and you start on the left side of your body.

3. If you have a Perlux Colourpuncture light set treat the zone with a corresponding colour.

4. Put a corresponding Colour Sound therapy CD on if you have the CDs.

5. Before going to sleep set an intent to remember your dreams and put pen and paper by your bedside.

6. Upon awakening (in the morning or at night time) briefly write down your dream, however little snippets you got.

7. Do your Dream Work translating the messages from your dreams and putting your insights to action!

If any Zone feels unpleasant in any way, please switch to other Zone from recommended options.

Generally, give at least a month to your Dream Work. Sometimes we shut down our inner self so much and for so long  that it might take a while before it will start communicating with your daily self again… Happy Dreaming!




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