What is a highlight of your everyday morning? Do you go for a jog in the park, journal or meditate? Or do you head straightaway for your work projects which are so exciting that nothing else matters? What makes you feel full of energy, calm and joy?

Every time the ‘Miracle Morning’ idea comes in a conversation there is this “I don’t have time”. Or “I’m tired in the morning”. I repeated this to myself too for many years before I realised that a ‘Miracle Morning’ is just a habit. We all can dedicate anything from 1 min to 1 hour in the morning to feed our Soul should we choose to. It’s what we do during this time which matters – and how we create this habit. I think these are also related – by the ease of implementation of the right thing for example.

Then there is Just One Thing idea: every day we only have One Big Priority which if addressed correctly, makes the rest of our daily tasks either easy or unnecessary.

Every time the One Thing topic arises in a conversation, there is “Yeah, but how to figure that One Thing?”

I don’t claim to know the perfect answers to both sets of questions. However, I do have some experience, both mine and my patients’ that I wanted to share.

When I read the “One Thing” and a “Miracle Morning” books I realised that I was already sort of doing both without knowing how it was called 🙂 Most mornings, I journal; but when I feel very tired, I start my day with Colourpuncture. Either with Journalling or with Colourpuntrue, I would arrive at my One Thing for the day. When have a dream and I do a dream analysis, this may also convert into the One Thing. Both books are highly recommended; if you have any health issues (physical, emotional or spiritual), I’d encourage you to read this with your health in mind. If Colourpuncture is a part of your life, I’d suggest you keep the system in mind when reading – this will add a totally fresh perspective.

Translating these ideas into health and self care area, I’d change One Thing into One Problem. Translating this further into Colourpuncture for example, I’d say ‘One Point’. One Colourpuncture point, chosen and done right, is highly effective – think about it as both focused healing impulse and a mini meditation. One Colourpuncture point is also – by far – the most time effective, as this takes 1 min maximum.

So for the One Thing in cases when This One Thing is challenging for us (needed; beneficial – but difficult) and so translates as One Problem, I think our daily challenge/problem can fall into a category either change or adaptation: ’Shall I dramatically change what I’m doing or stop doing it’ or ‘How can I convert a challenging activity/experience into something new/better so how can I emerge on the other end of a difficult experience better equipped for life; with better health, a better person?’

This video is a fragment from our May 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions! Join us for our next Colorpuncture Q&A with your Colourpuncture questions 🙂

Here we mention just some general rules, examples and ideas. If you are already practicing Colorpuncture and need more specific information, please get in touch using the form below. If you feel inspired by Colorpuncture and want to learn more of this beautiful healing system, please join us for one of our training events. If you are a Colourpuncture therapist already or just starting in Colorpuncture, we are here to support you on every step of your journey!

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Miracle Morning: Yin & Yang

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