Morning Colourpuncture

The Morning Balance or ‘Coordination 1’ Colourpuncture treatment is humble, deceptively simple and easy to overlook like a walk in a local park or a home-made satin dress. And yet it can make for a magical morning.

There are people for whom an everyday glorious morning is well, a slightly difficult part of the day. Who would do with some (gentle) help to greet the joyful sunshine on the same page. 

Coordination 1 is a great choice if you are one of these people and you can conquer a morning force of gravity even if very slightly as you would need to treat your back by (an incredibly easy to find with your eyes tightly closed) Point 3. If the force of gravity is well, still in force go back to the Zone of Power for your Willpower ‘resuscitation’, before managing all the 6 points of Coordination 1. 

Coordination 1 or Morning Balance or Brain Balance is the first treat of Colourpuncture. Seriously, it’s a treat. I propose to change the term ‘Colourpuncture treatments’ in general to Colourpuncture treats for they are true treats  for your body and Soul. Seriously. Just ask any Colourpuncture user. 

There are opening things in everything and in Colourpuncture it’s the Coordination 1, the very first treatment to give and experience on nearly every Colourpuncture training.

It never fails you. You start your morning at your most unenthusiastic ready to cry/yell/go back to sleep/hide under the duvet and with a lot of scepticism and a facial expression bordering between that of an eternal martyr and real nasty monster you reach for your Perlux on a last squeeze of willpower (because this is the only protocol you remember off by heart; and it has something to do with the morning). 

As you progress/crawl/struggle through a massive (morning, remember!) 6 points  you start to breathe. To move. To smile. You detach yourself from the bed. A little. Cautiously optimistic. Not at all sure still. 

And yet your breathing becomes deeper, slower, more sure, more human.

You start smiling, internally.

Probably ready for another little treatment like Coordination 10 if you are really, really tired. Or Mid-Face Balancing if you are just generally out of place.

But most likely you are very ready for your breakfast.

You start remembering such subtle human traits as consciousness and power of common sense which you possessed just last evening when you overindulged into your work (or play) and stretched your day to the limit and than some more stretching it as an elastic band while turning a blind eye on sort of secondary and little obscure things like routine, life work balance, meaningful communication with other people, or a genuine connection with your Self and your Soul. 

The Self eventually re-emerges bitterly looking at you from the mirror. The Soul is still sulking in the corners of Self but already drying it’s tears. You are waking up. You are almost ready to face the world and apologise to the Soul. And may be even to accept some fresh sunshine.

You almost feel the light of Coordination 1 as an invisible but a good natured and hard working little fairy who will hurry along your Qi pathways cleaning the mess, reconnecting you into the whole, balancing your Yin and Yang, endocrine and immune system, male and female energies filling you with Energy and Peace. 

You bask in Bliss and greet a new day of presence, gratitude, contribution and a better life work balance. 

Good morning Beautiful Soul 🙂

In our video ‘Healthy Immune System: Colourpuncture on Ren 22’ you can learn how to treat an Acupuncture point Ren22 with Colourpuncture. Ren 22 is one of the 6 points of Colourpuncture treatment Coordination 1. 

Coordination 1 is the easiest protocol to learn and apply daily to improve overall functioning of your body. Its balancing power is easy to explain as it aims to support functioning of a hypothalamus, a neuro-endocrine part of the brain which regulates our main physiological functions. This is a universal opening protocol in your training, in your Clinic and in your everyday life. 

Do. Not. Ignore. Coordination 1 once you progress to learn more glamorous sounding treatments of Colourpuncture such as Conflict Resolution or Transmitter Relays. On the contrary, come back to it to create more magical mornings, often.

And, when you are a seasoned Colourpuncture therapist or user and you suddenly found yourself in time in your life when you are in any doubt or when it seems that so much changed and you don’t recognise a scenery around anymore, go back to the beginning……a little daily 15 min Stream of Consciousness Writing…Coordination 1…or whatever it was at the beginning

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