‘Zone of Power’ – an ideal place to start with simple but highly effective Colourpuncture treatments whether or not you have any therapy tools .

Zone of Power
Zone of Power with Rose Quartz

In Colourpuncture there are points to focus the light on, zones to fill in with colour and lines to stroke.

Zone of Power is a small area in a centre of your palm. It is so simple to treat you can do it with your eyes closed… in fact, if you use this zone for morning tiredness, you might do it exactly like that – first thing in the morning, still in bed!

A lively and nurturing orange applied to this zone will lift your mood, give more strength to your body and help with mood swings and morning tiredness. You can also do it anytime when you are tired or feeling low for any reason but preferably not late in the evening as orange might have a stimulating effect.

The Zone of Power also touches upon principles of giving-receiving, boundaries and energy exchange.

If you have a Perlux Light pen: 

Apply flat focus orange colour light to the middle of your palms, left then right hand (30sec to 2 min each). If you have a Perlux for point treatment, ‘colour in’ the area with light.

If you don’t have a Perlux Light pen:

Simply touch the area with your middle finger of the opposite hand. ‘Tune into’, connect with the area for up to 2 min each hand.

Other tools you can use:

Massage Wand would be good, first the wooden side, then the crystal side. The massage wand will add the influence of a crystal structure to your treatment.

Polarity crystals: place Silver on the Left, Gold on the Right hand (start with 2 min each side and then you can gradually increase the time if you wish). Gold and Silver crystals will add more of a Yin and Yang balancing to the Zone of Power.

A Rose crystal quartz ball will add an extra touch of self-love to your Zone of Power.

The Zone of Power will considerably strengthen your body and spirit if you do it daily for at least a couple of weeks or until your symptoms improve.

Just 2 min a day, making in into a habit when you are resting or as a nice self-nurturing break in between your daily activities will create a  sustainable connection with your power and energy.

To keep track of your progress, it can help to first take some time to write down exactly how you are feeling at the moment and what you need this treatment to help you with.

Where are you not having enough power/energy – is it morning tiredness?  afternoon sleepiness? not standing your ground in relationships? not having enough strength to start something you always dreamt of doing? After you do your 2 weeks – or more if needed, reassess where you arrived and what changed.

Once you have felt considerable improvement you might spread out your treatments – from daily to every other day, twice a week, once a week. The idea is to maintain a continuous effect.

Colourpuncture is very generous – you will find that if you follow the schedule, many areas of your life and body-mind health will benefit greatly. Yes, you will feel both more energetic and be able to stand your ground much better as this relates to the same principle of personal strength.

Treating your own Zone of Power is a first step to helping the others sustainably – when you nurture yourself first you are then able to help much better from a full place.

Orange colour is a mixture of red and yellow. It has an uplifting effect and is the colour of joy, happiness and strength.  It stimulates the endocrine organs and is a natural choice in cases of discontentment, pessimism, depression and fear. Orange promotes enthusiasm and warmheartedness.

One of my teachers from long ago suggested a wonderful practice of ‘tuning in’ when receiving Colourpuncture.  You simply focus on a question: ‘why is this problem present in my life?’ before treating a particular point/zone/line.

Try to simply ‘tune in’.  Focus on what you are feeling in your physical and emotional body when receiving light. Keep your eyes closed, breathe deeply and ask the question.  You might get insights into why your Power is not quite with you and what you need to do to step back into it or even acquire it for the first time.

Our inner self usually talks to us in a small voice. It takes some practice to listen and act upon your insights.

Some people are very receptive to light and will develop awareness while receiving Colourpuncture. For some, like myself, images in dreams or memories or associations will give the answer later. Yet some will just feel better.

I warmly wish you much Joy getting to know your Zone of Power.

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