The Game was about to begin. The pieces rushed to their places but a little Dark Pawn lingered, enchanted by a radiating presence of the Light Queen.


The Queen grasped the Pawn’s look.

“Let’s talk before the Game. You know you can end up where I’ll begin…”


“Sure, you’ve more chances to get sacrificed near the start than making it across the board.

Get to my place of power and help the Game. Of course, the path’ll be ridden with dangers at every move but so will your default role.

Remember, if you’ve a desire, there’s a place for you and you’ll be supported. Find the safest path. Keep your eyes on where you want to be.“

“I’ve to defend… “

“There’re more powerful figures in defence. Your true power’s there.

The Light’ll start leading the Game. Played right, they’ll win. The Dark’ll either react or accept the invitation to a strong, creative counter-play. When the Light’ll lose initiative the Dark can outsmart them.

Every Pawn has a power to become a Queen. I find it strange that Pawns rarely walk that path.

Remember, your every move matters. Go!”

The Game began. The Pawn started on her long journey and her team counted her as lost – Pawns rarely get across the board.

She went on, fighting her way. Alone and scared, she focused on that one place – the place of power.

Getting there the Pawn turned round. The Dark were losing. The Light lost their Queen and focused on decisive attack.

“You made it…I didn’t think you would….” – said the off-the-board Queen.

“You told me….???”

“Everybody’s going to leave the Game eventually – there’s nothing to lose, why not dare? The Dark could’ve lost had you not made it. Go help them now”.

And she did. The Dark were as surprised as the Light when the Pawn – now the Queen – unexpectedly blitzed across the board, scrambled the attack and stood in defence of her King. The Game ended in a draw.

“Why did you help me? We’re enemies” – said the Pawn to the Queen as the pieces were taken back to the box.

“I’m the strongest figure in the Game. When I’m out a courageous and wise piece has to keep the Game on. Everyone’ll keep perfecting their game, and the next, and the whole Game of Chess will evolve.

There’s an illusion of two teams. In reality, we fight to make each other stronger and the Game worthwhile.

Thank you for making the journey.”

Thank you for giving me faith… The Path gave me courage. A brief moment on your place gave me wisdom. I’ll take it into the next Game”.

Writing by Irina Kotlar

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