Have you ever felt like an apple on a pear tree? Have you ever caught a glimpse of a concerned look of disbelief that your pear tree would cast on you daily?

I spent a big part of my life feeling like a confused mango on a robust bramble…can you relate?

Yes, we are talking about Families…


Why your Family Tree, your ancestry is important for your heath and well-being? Here is our take on it.

There are two basic sorts of challenges: your own (conscious or unconscious) and that of a bigger group or system that you belong too or used to belong too. This could be your family, culture, professional environment.

There are also two basic sorts of health problems: the first one has a name for it (for example, sinusitis) and a possible cause (Lungs/Large Intestine imbalance in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture language) and the second one doesn’t have a name for it (for example, when you feel low or lost on your life Path) and the cause is difficult to pinpoint.

The first sort of challenges you can resolve yourself and the first sort of problems, having the name for it have a treatment assigned to it too. For example, there is a treatment for sinusitis and it’s only a matter of time before you heal it – unless there is also an associated structural problem with your nose.

The second sort of problems do have some general Colourpuncture treatments which can help greatly (Prenatals, TRs) but it is much more difficult to pinpoint the cause. One of the first ‘suspects’ is the invisible loyalties to the family. The theme of family, ancestry and your unique place in a family system  has been one of Peter Mandel’s focuses in recent years – alongside with complex health problems and therapy resistance.

We can be very loyal to unconstructive patterns within the family. For example, your family believes in clinging to hurts and keeping enemies; your family of compulsory workaholics believes in being busy without necessary actually being productive; insert your own family pattern here…

Your family and You might happen to have diverging Paths. For example, you are coming from a great family of teachers, who believe in teaching of rock-solid and time-tested truths only and you want to be a pioneer, an inventor; insert how your path is diverging from that of our Family here…

You might find yourself being under pressure of expectations. For example, your family wanted you to become an accountant so you can make money and support yourself and quite possibly,  the Family; or you were expected to win a Noble Prize so your family can be proud or you/themselves; insert your family expectations here…..

These things might – might not – worked for your Family but it’s clear this is not working for you. Continuing with our examples, you might want to become a master of Letting go, adopting a conscious working ethic, discover new Truths and spent you life in a free-spirited travel without even finding out what you need to do for the Noble Prize…

At the same time we all need to feel the ‘roots’ and have a sense of belonging. How do you combine the opposite needs? How do you learn to express your individuality fully and freely for the personal fulfilment and the benefits of the world and belong, and be rooted? Not an easy task and for some people it can seem impossible.

This is where both Colourpuncture therapy and Family Constellations work can lend you a helping hand. We might not like the fact and not be thinking about it on a daily basis but most of our thought patterns, behavioural patterns and bodily functioning are unconscious and inherited. And thus beyond our immediate control.

Only when/if you are actively involved in Personal Development work you can come in touch with this fact and start to consciously work with your patterns. And probably the only people who do realise the powerful affect of our Family on our functioning are the people who are involved in Personal Development. The rest of us tend to live our lives on an autopilot without ever questioning our motives. After all, discovering, expressing and living out our uniqueness is not a STEM subject in school. Hey, it is not even a side subject!

A classic Personal Development such as Life Coaching is very beautiful, empowering and often gives massive immediate results. Both of us a great delivers in a process having worked with fantastic coaches ourselves, having participated in amazing programs which did bring massive shifts both to our awareness and a ‘real life’ results.

And of course we act in life coaching capacity being Colourpuncure therapists.  We help people to define their goal for the therapy (especially with mental therapies such as Prenatals or Transmitter Relays), we give them Colourpunture/Acupressure homework and keep them accountable to the process. However, the classic Life Coaching largely focuses on your conscious aspirations and goals might not pick up a deeper unconscious and probably collective rather then personal cause (neither it is designed to do so).

Colourpuncture therapy and Family Constellations work come as a gentle but profound ‘non-verbal’ psychology organising the patterns in a workable and constructive way. Even though you do not consciously set you goals and plan the process, after having done some Colourpuncture therapy and Family Constellations work you find yourself acting from a totally different space one day. It tends to be sustainable too as it comes from the very depth of your Soul, the space which is not usually touches by defined goals.

There are several Colourpuncture therapies and treatments to address the ancestry. Some of them are easy to DIY with Acupressure as all the points are on hands!

And there are online and in person classic Family Constellation workshops.

If you are interested in Family Constellations please contact us using the form below. We are wishing you a happy exploring your Family Tree!

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