Having spent 15 years in Neuroscience researching how we as living beings create memories and react to stress I developed a keen interest in the subject. Little did I know that I was about to experience how we humans can revise our memories and touch the roots of our core, ‘in-built’ stress response.

While still in science I started learning Colourpuncture, a Mind-Body-Soul spin-off Acupuncture –  purely to help myself with my own health questions and to resolve a difficult, multi-faceted ‘crossroad’ life situation at the time. Or so I thought.

The Yin of receiving and the Yang of action

Colourpuncture was so impressive that I immediately trained to become a therapist and haven’t stop practicing it since – Colourpuncture no doubts is a gem of a therapy to be shared. Colourpuncture principles also speak to me as a former scientist – this is certainly a therapy of the future.

Many other amazing techniques followed and during the next 15 years, already actively in Colourpuncture (and out of science) little did I know that it was a starting point for me to create my own simple system of tools which would provide ‘the other side to the coin’.  I have been both celebrating successes with patients who were fully and completely helped just by Colourpuncture or Acupuncture alone and trying to find various ways to help patients who though significantly helped with their original health problem would struggle to make the health and wellbeing easily maintained and sustainable.

Working in my Clinic  I came across many other ways to help to restore health, connect with a sense of Self and create a better aligned ‘Life Path’. I collected various Natural Health and Personal Development tools, trying and testing many to see what works best. Working with patients gave me much insight and incentive to develop my own tools. And it also gave me a clear understanding of importance of a patient’s own active engagement in the process.

When the Yin of receiving the therapy is balanced with the Yang of action towards constructive changes, towards a lifestyle better suited to a patient’s individual constitution – and deep inner needs – the therapy results have been considerably better and the wellbeing, sustainable.

Our Cultivating the Self membership is an attempt to bring together the very best of tools – other than Colourpuncture or Acupuncture – from my 15+ years of clinical experience in a self-help format with necessary support. The program is Good Quality Questions based and include Acupressure, Dream work, and much more.

Some tools I created specifically to help a particular person in a particular life situation only to discover further that it totally works for everybody else. My life long interest in Neuroplasticity – the way we humans can change beyond our formative years – found an unexpected and totally fascinating reflection in all these life transforming techniques leading to sustainable health and constructive behaviour  – and  a happier life!


‘Sense and Non-Sense of Sickness and Pain’

Apart from being a body ‘meridian therapy’ – same as Acupuncture – Colourpuncture helps you to heal deeply by basically bringing you back to yourself, enhancing your self- awareness in a way that you see yourself better, and you see your life better, as if in 3D and you see the cause and effect better and you are tapping into your true and often simple Soul deep needs.

Peter Mandel, the founder of Colourpuncture in his book ‘Sense and Non-Sense of Sickness and Pain’ says that the disease and pain are only a signal that you deviated from your intended ‘Life Path’, which is basically your core essence, including your physical constitution, your Individuality and authentic ways of being and doing.


The other side to the Therapy

‘Cultivating the Self’ program is in a way ‘the other side of’, a complementary part to Colourpuncture, Acupuncture and all beautiful body therapies. It s a starting point in art of being your Self and living your authentic lifestyle honouring your gifts, talents, your constitution and connecting the dots of your unique life experience.

I use ‘the Self’ tools alongside body therapies. What I discovered thought is that these techniques can and should be used alongside a therapy, in between sessions to help the therapy process or/and as an independent tool for Cultivating the Self.

You will be provided with digital course workbook and your part will be to answer some questions and do some little reflective writing. You will learn some Acupressure point to enrich the experience and if you are lucky enough to own a Perlux Colourpuncure set so much the better.

I found that some people are very attuned to their bodies and so body therapies have a profound and complete effect on them. However, most people need some further guidance on reaching deeper levers of Self and want for any experience to be as conscious as possible. In Cultivating the Self you will have it all! We will be creating a dynamic interconnection between the body, mind and Soul, integrating forgotten aspects of Self, re-writing our live stories in a constructive way and most importantly living fully and celebrating our usual Everyday.


Landmarks of the Journey to Self

There is a certain pathway I observed repeatedly in people journey as landmarks and Cultivating the Self reflect that. 

We will start off with a gentle reflection – Remembering the Self. This is the most Yin part of the process, the journey under the candle light so to speak. Here will recollect our sense of Self and create our Panorama of Life by working with various Good Quality Questions which will engage our conscious mind, supporting it with some Dream Zones work and Acupressure points for the Spirit.

Any constructive sustainable change starts with remembering fully our core essence, our Individuality which remains unchanged in the flow of time and also create a panoramic view of our life experience to see how it shaped, modified and enriched our Individuality. We can then start consciously practice our updated habits and aspects of lifestyle, our being and doing celebrating our Self in a lead role in our own Life. We can nurture the warmth of our inner fire and power of our voice and share them with people around us.

Some amazing people held my hand during my own early transformational journeys. And I have had a privilege to hold hands of many amazing people through their transformational journeys. I’m looking forward to holding yours.

Join us for the adventure, I’m looking forward to meeting you in Cultivating the Self 🙂

Remembering the Self


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