About this time 18 years ago I found myself driving in the dark on an empty, long and unfamiliar road. Little did I know that the journey would soon bring a surprising turn of events in my life.



I was on a major life crossroad and sought help: everything that I loved, everything that used to ‘work’ stopped working, both personally and professionally. The problems accumulated for years but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it. My energy levels and health declined to a point where I found it hard to function. Suddenly the Path which seemed brightly lit just a couple of years ago seemed to start getting blocked up – quickly – right in front of me. 

There was no Plan B, there was no support in any of the areas. For a while I went on with my life with a determination of a well programmed robot and if I were to look at myself from the outside I would have clearly seen that I needed… a miracle. Part of my intense internal conflict was that I thought I was ‘on the Path’ and worked diligently and with enthusiasm. Alas, the Path itself didn’t want to be walked on anymore. The harder I tried to resolve the situation the worse it would get. There was this unmistakable sense of stagnation when you are getting all the clues from everywhere that you have to change direction and look in the mirror but you don’t want to know. You don’t, because the Plan B is nowhere to be seen. 


“The problem contains a solution”

A ‘miracle’ which shook the whole stagnation situation and resolved it in one big decisive and impressive wave arrived along the lines ‘The problem contains a solution’. Looking for the solution for my health problems as this was a pressing issue and was at least something which didn’t depend on other people or external situation, I started to consider complementary medicine.

On one hand I felt somewhat stupid: after all I spent years working passionately in biomedical research and so expected to get help from ‘official’ medicine. On the other hand…I tried… and being presented with situations when one day I would get checked and given the all clear and then some days/weeks/months later I was in hospital needing an urgent attention for some very clear problem. In between I would suffer and was told ‘nothing wrong’ and it got to a point where it all felt like one bad joke. 

Natural medicine was well, a natural choice as (luckily!) I grew up in a country where ‘official’ doctors won’t raise their brows on using herbs and simple natural remedies to relieve common complaints. The focus on preventative medicine – including diet, lifestyle changes and so on- was (as I can see now) unusually high. Of course I started with the familiar: the diets, the herbs, the supplements and so on. I started to study in 3 (!) nutrition colleges at the same time – they all advocated different things (Metabolic Typing; vegan; wholesome and allergy-preventing food etc) so it was hard to see which one was correct. Being a scientist, I needed to know!

Nothing of the ‘familiar’ brought any lasting results. It seemed like my health would be OK some days on some diet/supplements and then suddenly it would all rapidly change depending on some absolutely elusive reason as if I was deeply sensitive to a change of solar wind direction on a remote planet in a neighbouring galaxy. With nothing helping I started to look broader. Not knowing where to look but feeling increasingly worse and disillusioned I was open minded and willing to try and test things. 

One day, a totally unexpected promotional leaflet arrived at my door advertising a ‘life-transforming’ ……Colourpuncture. Colorpuncture people promised so much… I was at the point when I, as a patient (as I can see it now from a therapist point of view) ‘suffered enough’ and so became humble enough to accept that may be I don’t know what would work and what won’t.

I always wondered why people would say ‘I don’t believe in XYZ’ instead of simply and humbly trying something new and then speaking from experience. Reading about Colourpuncture and thinking: ‘Sure, it sounds ridiculous, there is no such a thing to do what they claim Colorpuncture will do but….what if? And – what do I have to lose?’ and without even considering booking a session to see what Colourpuncture was, I booked the 3 days immersion type Introductory course. 

Highly sceptical but resolving to be open-minded I set off to start my training in Colourpuncture which I never heard about a week or so before. I remember the journey….


Into the Unknown…

The venue was some 6 hrs drive from where I lived – in some remote part of South Wales. Living in the city I used to drive in the city, on the motorway and local country roads. I never experienced anything like driving in seriously rural Wales. For the first time I found myself in a situation when I was alone on the road without seeing a single car for a really long time. I left home late and most of the road seemed pitch-black as without thinking much I chose a sparsely populated mountainous area to get there. No road signs, no villages, no cars for really long stretches of road, nothing.

After some time all this started to feel surreal. A dark and empty road seemed to never end and I felt like a character from some strange movie – I was not sure anymore where I’m going or what I’m doing, and if I will even ever arrive somewhere. Yet there was no place to stop either – and no point: there was nobody to ask. No Satnav, I relied on my map reading abilities planning the route. I’m a very cautious driver – I learned to drive in my mid 30-s so driving isn’t my second nature. I always wondered how people were supposed to drive 60 miles/hr on narrow twisty country roads… that evening I eventually found myself driving 60 without caring much about anything. 

Finally after what seemed to be an alarming eternity I saw some lights of some town and after emerging on the other side of it I found the venue for our long weekend residential Colourpuncture course. Three days of training among people applying coloured light on Acupuncture points, doing Dreamwork with Targeted dreaming and Dream Analysis and so on seemed like been spent in an alternative reality – no less surreal than the journey to the place. Vegan food (my first experience!) at the venue, remote village, rural Wales, people who ‘tuned in’ into some bodily felt senses (which I never heard about before)…. remembering some life experiences….. smiling softy….expressing themselves loudly….. the venue itself…. to say all that felt alien to me would be an understatement. Everybody but me experienced something. I kept  being sceptical and open minded all the while thinking: ‘What’s wrong with all these people?’ 

I shared with our teacher my cross-road life situation and she answered: ‘Keep doing the Light and the answer will come’. That sounded properly ridiculous to me back then but the teacher was such a nice and compassionate person that I just thanked her and said nothing. 

At this point it would be fair to mention that the course I was on was not the ‘mainstream’ Colourpuncture but was called ‘Colour Light Therapy’, a creative mixture of Colourpuncture with conversational hypnosis and various ‘consciousness expansion’ tools with a focus on personal/spiritual development. We were highly encouraged to ‘tune in’ the bodily felt senses and experience the therapy. In mainstream Colourpuncture the premise is different: if you feel a ‘reaction’ (an unpleasant sensation in the point being treated or some vague emotional discomfort) you stop the treatment of the point and move on. The idea is that the body knows better than any therapist would be ever able to ‘guide’ you through the process. In mainstream Colourpuncture we don’t treat into reaction but gently support the patient instead. Back on my first Colour Light Therapy course I knew nothing of it. Since then I tried both techniques, equally and found that they both work beautifully but in many respects Colourpuncture and Colour Light Therapy are two different systems. 

Looking back at my Introductory weekend in Wales 18 years ago I’m thinking: the other participants must have looked at me, feeling nothing in the body and not remembering anything from my life experience, with equal amazement….By the day 3 of this surreal weekend I had a fleeting thought: ‘Did they hire 5 actors to perform for me??’ Of course this thought was ridiculous so I just kept participating in everything diligently and with a great deal of curiosity and amazement. This was about as easy as an overnight change from living in the remote North and eating meat 3 times daily to finding yourself in tropics picking fruits from the trees all day – or the opposite. 


Time for Change

Driving back home from my course I started to experience a most weird sensation. I felt as if all my uneasy feelings about cross-road life situation at hand started to diffuse out of me through an open window – together with all difficult feelings I experienced to date. I never felt anything like that before. At some point the sensation got so interesting that I stopped the car and went out trying to take it in. 

Back home (and so to the middle of my cross-road life situation), I felt so wonderful and deeply peaceful that I decided to ‘start everything afresh’ as after all there was sure a lot of potential left both in my work and in personal life….to cut the long story short, a mere couple of weeks after I consciously tried to resolve and improve things, life unfolded in a way that I had no doubts about a decision I needed to take. It was…crystal clear – just as my teacher promised. 

At first it seemed that I unexpectedly stumbled on an invisible something on a brightly lit Path and suddenly found myself dropped through an obscure hole in the ground into an underworld of a spiritual journey, illuminated only by the faint light of a blind faith and ridiculously naive hope…. while the alternative Sun might already have been rising on a horizon on the other side of the Earth… unbeknown to me.

Things picked up speed. Everything which needed to change in my life, changed. My ex-husband and me separated and stayed friends since. I dropped all 3 Nutrition courses and started training as a Colourpuncture therapist. I realised that no matter how I used to love my work in science, that was the end of it. From my ‘old life’ I kept my children, the cats and the house, everything else changed and kept changing. 

I trusted the new Path without knowing where it is taking me – still with no support and no Plan B but this time with a sense of total internal peace, light and trust in the process – and excitement! I kept discovering long forgotten sides of myself. My energy levels improved. 

In the years which followed I gradually resolved most of nagging ailments which I thought would never go away – strong headaches…stomach aches…endless severe colds…they seemed to have my name on them ever since I was born.  Eventually I stopped carrying the whole host of tablets and medications with me everywhere. I carried my Perlux which had answers for most questions. 

I discovered a lot of other things and the whole Path led me to where I am now. My patients started asking me to teach them how to do Colourpuncture early on and even though I was reluctant this prompted me to train as a teacher. Within several month of practicing at a Holistic Clinic just by word of mouth I had a full practice and started to really see every day what Colourpuncture can do for people for several years working there – invaluable experience.


‘Side Effects’ 

Which ‘side effects’ do you expect looking for help with health problems? I sought help for my physical complaints – and my call for help was answered with discovering effective and sustainable Colourpuncture therapies. But! Improvement of physical health and energy levels was just a small part of Colourpuncture Gifts. The side effects? As I (slowly and with a great deal of amazement) looked at these forgotten, suppressed and unknown sides of my Self. I owned all of my life choices – with all my ‘mistakes’ – and this helped me to see past ‘the guilt’ and into a bigger picture. I realised that my former self image as a scientist was only a part of who I was – it was the adventure of discovery and longing to understand how we humans ‘operate’ which drew me into Neurobiology, but it was not the Whole Me. 

All this transformative personal experience aside, the ‘side effects’ of Colorpuncture for relationships was no less (if no more) remarkable. Colorpuncture helped my family and we created a loving bond where there were complicated relationships before. Colourpuncture therapies prompted me to ‘reframe’ my perception of my own childhood experiences and that was life transforming: I suddenly saw in full clarity that our perception of our early life is not set in stone. ‘The Map is not a Territory’ gained a very personal meaning for me. This changed the dynamic of relationships with my Mum and in her later years we had some warm and meaningful connection, something I thought would never happen. 

If I were to describe all these side effects in just one sentence – I finally learnt to see myself as if in a mirror and my Life as in a full colour movie: all with a 3D clarity and no judgement. Seeing myself as a part of a bigger picture helped me to take responsibility for my part and become reasonable in my expectations and self-analysis. 


My Self and Soul Clinic, Cafe Self

I met many truly amazing people on this Path. My Clinic took shape in a direction of Self development as even though I still use Colourpuncture for treating physical health problems, experience with my patients let me see an enormous potential of Colorpuncture for Inner Work – and my Cafe Self was born in a response to my patients’ needs and experiences.

Am I saying that Colourpuncture offers answers to all life and health questions? While I’m sure it does – it’s an integrative therapy based on synergy of most solid and time tested natural medicines there are – I won’t rely on Colourpuncture as an answer to all questions, simply because I feel that we still have to keep our end of the bargain….. our habits; our patterns of thought, reactions, behaviour.

Colourpuncture will ‘lift’ them all, soften them all, give you a huge impetus to act… but to actually keep moving consistently…nobody and nothing will do it for you. Colourpuncture will “fix you and put you back on the road but to drive is up to you”. This is a big part of the reason why I created Cafe Self – over the years I witnessed how important it has been for my patients to keep moving and I wanted to find ways to make all these beautiful changes you are eager to make after you encountered Colourpuncture insights, permanent; bigger; better; firmly a part of your life. And here is where the Yang of action is totally needed to counterbalance the Yin of receiving – in the case of Colorpuncture a unique, really deeply loving and nourishing Yin. 


18 years on…

Colorpuncture becomes your go-to tool when Life gives you difficult assignments or asks complicated questions (and doesn’t offer you an easy option of a multiple choice so you can just close your eyes and attempt to guess the answer). Colourpuncture for the Soul, Intentional Journalling and Targeted Dreaming/Dream Analysis all work for me. For understanding current life situation and clarifying direction I’d choose Dreamwork. For organising my thoughts and getting to final clarity to transfer vague insights into a daily life I’d choose Intentional Journalling. But when it comes to answering really complicated life questions I’d choose Colourpuncture for the Soul. Why?

Colourpuncture connects you with some layers of your Inner Being you simply can’t access by any other means. On a very simple level Colorpuncture ‘helps your Body to make your Mind up’ (it’s a body therapy after all). It heals the Soul through the Body and lifts something from our deep awareness which we may have forgotten or never even though about as important, so we can look at it and accept it – or take action to change what needs changing. Colourpuncture subtly changes our perception in a way that you just find yourself feeling, thinking differently and acting from a different place in a similar situation one day.  

Just last week I did all the homework (including Colourpuncture part of homework) with my Dreamwork Challenge participants – and 18 years on, Colorpuncture still doesn’t fail to give me this unique softness, relaxation to depths I may have forgotten were possible and love, just LOVE. And this love makes arriving to the answer to that complicated life question not just easier and quicker but much more true to yourself. 

18 years on, as I’m writing this, I’m still holding a Perlux in my hands – for my own Dreamwork; for occasional pains and aches but I also help others with establishing their own Clinics and personal treatment plans. Format changed – even though I still teach and my Acupuncture training added much to the depth of my understanding of Colourpuncture and I’m happy to share it with my students; I do 1:1 sessions – some of them gone online; I work more with groups and I added many things to make Colourpuncture even more effective in my hands. My awe for Colorpuncture didn’t change at all – if anything I keep being surprised every time and my Perlux set is still my Treasure Chest 🙂 


Colourpuncture and YOU

This blog has been so far an attempt to tell my side of Colourpuncture story first hand, share all I know about ‘how to’. I’ve written articles about 3 pillars of Colourpuncture foundation and how colours work in Colorpuncture and so on. I plan on sharing more ‘how to’ on a more formal understanding of Colourpuncture foundation but this year I found that things flow so much better when we work with your questions. In April 2021 we started offering FREE monthly online Colourpuncture Q&A and I feel this is a great way for me to serve, the quickest way to connect and provide you with some answers, direction, encouragement and support. 

Now please tell me what you need!

Tell me what you’d like reading about, ask your questions, come for our Professional Colourpuncture training course if you are ready – we start a new training cycle online this weekend, the 1st of October! –  invest into a new or dig out your old Perlux if you have it; explore and use this Treasure Chest! There is a certain magic about gentle power of Colorpuncture and what it can do for you. All you need to do as with any magic wand is use it and practice your spells….I meant to say treatment protocols 🙂 

This is an article about my Colourpuncture Path – but that is not the only thing it is. It’s about Life answering your call for help by putting you on a long and unfamiliar road where all you need is Trust – till you get to that surprising turn to find answers to your questions in a shape and form you don’t expect. 

Much love to you all!

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