What is an Energy Signature of a relationship? How this unique energy signature of your relationships looks like: it is a safe harbour, a roaring fire, a sunny field or a mysterious forest? 

Imagine your relationships as a flower – what kind of flower it is? How is this flower doing right now? How much TLC it would need to blossom?

When I’m asked about Relationships it’s usually not a question of ‘How can I make my good relationships, great?’….Most probably it is: ‘How can I save/revive my relationships?’, ‘Why am I not happy, why things aren’t flowing, what can I do?’, ‘When enough is enough?’ or even ‘Do we stay friends or become strangers pretending we never met, when it’s time to part?’. 

Somehow we are conditioned (broadly) similarly: get a good education, work hard, play hard; get a house and a car, have a pet, go out on Friday night, take annual holidays abroad, whatever. However, we are not typically conditioned to create a culture of conscious let alone intentional relationships in our life. We absorb relationships patterns of our parents (most of the time without questioning) and repeat them in our early relationships – sometimes with a ‘minus’ sign but in this case, both plain repeat or 180 degree turn is also not what we are or what we want. Many times we don’t fully understand our parents relationships – our default pattern – until we are about the same age as we observed them as older children or teens. Only when our own relationships are in danger or beyond repair do we start discovering our relationships patterns, our Self’s behaviour is relationships and asking ourselves Questions to the Soul…..’What could have I done differently? On which stage did I need to stop and listen?’

Our August Cafe Self’s FREE Q&A session themed itself as ‘Our Self in Relationships’ as it developed from a question ‘How can you invite your partner to a conscious relation through communication?’ and then all sorts of discussions based on individual current situations and life experience of each participant stemmed from there. We had a beautiful Q&A hour and as one of the ladies said: ‘It was almost a Relationships 101 – we covered all the basics, under new angles!’.  Hope you will enjoy our video fragment on Energy Signature of your relationships and will find it practically helpful to look at yours at a slightly different angle to add some new flavour to your Relationships TLC 🙂


Self in Relationships

How do your feel and express yourself in important relationships in your life? Consider your main relationships: romantic relationships, friendships, business relationships, family connections: 

  • Self + Partner
  • Self + Child
  • Self + Parent
  • Self + Friend
  • Self + Colleague 

Do you feel and express your Self similarly in all your important Relationships? What are different energy signatures of your Relationships? Even if you spend a min focusing on each and coming up with 1-3 keywords, I promise you: you will be surprised. It’s amazing how we are not asking ourselves any formal questions about such an important area of life as our Relationships. Yet, just looking at your list of keywords can instantly give you some ideas for practical action to improve or ‘sort out’ your relationships. 


TLC for our Self, first!

To shine in our Relationships, our Inner Self needs some TLC, first! I found that the best way to ‘check in’ with our Inner Self is 1) learning easy tools, 2) paying regular attention, and, of course, 3) accepting support. In October I’m aiming to help 100 people with FREE 15 min online consultations on Questions to the Soul: sharing tools and tips on how to keep your Inner Self feeling nurtured, conflict-free and excited about life. October is an excellent month of the year to ‘check in’ with your Self – come to our mini consultation to find out why, and how! Contact Us (form below) to reserve your FREE space. For now, the question is: ‘What would you like to ask your Inner Self this October?’ I’m looking forward to sharing with you simple helpful tips!


FREE monthly online Cafe Self Q&A

If you ready to join some amazing people who are interested in their Self and Soul and come for a helping of Questions to the Soul to our FREE monthly online Cafe Self Q&A. In August, we talked about Relationships. In September, we talked about Self Nourishing and Self Sabotage. What’s the topic of October will be?? You tell me! On Friday, the 15th of October I’ll be going Live on Zoom (please subscribe with a form below to join) to answer YOUR questions about anything which will help to realise your Self, feed your Soul and generally make sense of your life experience, past and present.  Contact us including your name, email address and send  your burning questions – I’ll see you on Friday the 15th of October at 12pm UK time!

Holidays for the Soul


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