Quality questions in Yin and Yang

At the best of times we live our ultimate Higher Selves.

At other times our Higher Self is like an elusive star on a high stage. 

Our Daily Self as we know it feels we will never get anywhere close to that star and will be forever resigned to sit in the back row of the audience admiring that which is possible….there……on the stage…….under the limelight.


Our Daily Self mediates the Inner Self and the Higher Self

What if…. our Daily Self recognises our Inner Self and lets it grow naturally and freely into our Higher Self?

How our Daily Self can recognise our Inner Self to start a reconciliation process? There are many ways: one way would be meditation, journalling, silent retreats and other Soul nurturing Yin activities. The other way would be to take more active, more Yang approach of asking Quality Questions.

Basically, Quality Questions is an umbrella term for various deep and meaningful questions which all boil down to two: it’s about who you are and where you want to go.

Depending on your nature, inclinations and background either Yin or Yang will work better for you at the start. For me with my initial (and so formative) science background Quality Questions work best. I absolutely love Journalling but I feel the whole purpose of it to actually find out what can you better, day by day.

You are invited on a Journey to your Innermost Self.  

However long this Journey might be your very first step will get you out of the back row and into various stations on the Star Show of your Higher Self. 


Reconnecting the Yin and Yang of your Being

Your Inner Self is reflected in your Life Events. By choosing to look at your life experience from fresh perspectives we can see the reflection of the Self.

Your Higher Self shows up in your dreams, inklings and desires. It is reflected in your role models. It pulls you at all times in a direction you know you can go.

I feel the problem is that we focus on the Higher Self without paying enough attention to the Inner Self. In a way it is as if we get frustrated that a baby who is just about to take their first step can’t quite manage to finish writing their first bestseller. 

Our Daily Self – the conscious part of our Self who holds all the power and all the keys as it is grounded in a present moment can be a perfect mediator between the Inner Self and the Higher Self. 

May your Daily Self learn to be a wise one 🙂

The Journey will have 4 Parts and will be governed by Yin and Yang principle. 


The Yin Journey under soft candle light

We are going to ask quality questions, dive skilfully into the depth of our Soul and trigger the process of open search. 

Here we will reconnect with and claim back long forgotten parts of our Self and fragments of life which didn’t make sense at the time. These are aspects of our being split off on some bumps on the road of life: unintegrated experiences, unmet needs, unrequited love, lost friends, dropped projects, following somebody’s script, ‘very bad’ and ‘very good’ experiences.


The Yang Journey under bright day light

Here we will grow up. 

Once and by choice. 

We will take all the power back into our hands. 

We are going to comfortably inhabit open spaces, meet new people and tell stories from the roof tops and forest clearings. 

All the previously split aspects will integrate. 

We will learn to speak from the heart and act from the core.


Somebody’s scripts

Most of our actions and even our dreams, unless made fully conscious are firmly based on our early learned conditioning. Have you ever recognised your parents style in the way you talk and act? Have you ever gone so far as to recognise that part of your ‘dreams’ in life weren’t yours at all??

Our culture, immediate neighbourhood, circle of friends, country and the zeitgeist we were born into and grew up with all imprinted us. When you start to ask yourself some quality questions you will discover that much of what you though was yours isn’t yours at all.

Every. Experience. Imprints. You. 

We were never been taught to see the difference between the Map and the Territory.

If you never question your perception of your experiences you are going to live you life by other people’s ideas and your Self will be a random mixture of influences by people or events which you happened to encounter on your life journey. 

If you learn to ask yourself quality questions and separate the parts which serve you from these which don’t you will create a shining masterpiece of Self exuding freshness, uniqueness and joy. 


The Yin of therapy and the Yang of action

I learned a thing or two in my 17 years experience in deep body-mind therapies. My background as a scientist kept me in a state of keen observation and searching for ‘why’ and ‘how’ things work with us humans in health and disease, misery and contentment, getting on with our life path and getting lost. 

I came to realise that a good therapist need to not only deliver a therapy. No matter how beautiful, effective or advanced, a therapy is still a therapy. A therapy is not healing.

A good therapist has to trigger a deep Self search and engage the will of the patient to help them realise that they are not simply a ‘victim’ of an illness or a ‘receiver’ of a therapy but they are an active participant of healing process and an author of their life. So they can – and should – take steps to create the life and health they want.

A brilliant therapy with a supportive therapist (Yin) and clear active steps (Yang) is an ultimate combination for sustainable and successful self healing. 

Takeaway 1.

A beautiful way to trigger Soul searching is by asking skilful Quality Questions. Quality questions will naturally trigger an immediate open search which will unfold in time delivering (quality) answers along the way.

But what is even more impactful is that when you are asked quality questions repeatedly you will integrate them. Quality questions will form a habit in your inner life which will take you much farther than a powerful therapy or an amazing therapist or a luxurious retreat.  

Asking quality questions skilfully at the right time is an art on a therapist side. This is Yang on a therapist side and Yin on patient side. 

Takeaway 2.

A ‘patient’ needs to take action on insights received in a process of therapy. The action should be correct, timely and supported. This is Yang on patient side and Yin on a therapist side who now moves to a position of an observer and supporter to then be able to initiate a next cycle of therapy or happily discover that the process is complete. 


Quality Questions are more important than answers

This course is an attempt to bring together quality questions, tools and tricks of the trade which I experienced on my own healing quest, learned from masters or created myself over the years  to help my patients. 

They were all discovered in addition to therapy but work equally well as a self content system outside of a therapy. 

What I learned here is that it is more important to ask quality questions than to search for answers. If your quality questions are specific, smart and complete the answers will just come without any energy or time invested on your part. 

The answers tend to come in layers. Some will be immediate and some will unfold in time. 


Reflect and create

In the Yin part of the journey we will reflect comfortably, deeply but lightly. There is no need for drama as it is all based on tried and tested framework of quality questions on most important stations on life. We will have a clear goal and support of fellow travellers. 

In the Yang part we will consciously create our more authentic life. We will create and practice new habits. 

In between the two worlds we are going to outline and cultivate our beautiful Self.

The entire Journey will be practical, conscious and fun.


I’m going with you

I’m not going to be in a front seat or ‘teach’ or ‘direct’ you. 

I’m going to go on a Journey with you. Why?

1. The framework of quality questions I created here is based on valuable tools I learnt on my own healing journey, my natural observation abilities and clinical experience. I’ve seen these quality questions work times and times again in and out therapy setting. 

Even though this framework was created by me it feels that rather it came through me over time. The framework is going to facilitate. I’m here to support you and connect you with fellow travellers.

2. Teaching our Colourpuncture groups I found that the whole dynamic become different when I become part of the process. This was a surprise. This was never intentional but mostly a side effect of one to one teaching or having a kind group of students wanting to give me something back at the end of a long day. The results have been intriguing. 

Learning the same subject, Colourpuncture, every group would ask different set of (quality) questions, share their unique experiences and views. Zeitgeist varied. Every combination of people created an energy signature like no other.


Cultivating the Self

We are not going to assemble a full panorama of our Self in one go. But we will get one piece of mosaic of Self at a time and put it into place. Several important pieces in the right places – and we will start recognising the Outlines of Self. 

Much will transpire from broad strokes of a pencil once we simply clear the clutter of emotionally charged experiences, somebody’s expectations, entangled relationships and debris of unfinished projects and non lived dreams. 

We will be free then to colour in the rest with a brush in fine details. 

We hope it will bring you clarity, wisdom and freedom to do and be what you always wanted and what is still relevant and for what there is still time. 

Living with quality questions is not quite a therapy. But the process is certainly healing. 

I love Quality Questions.

I’m excited to participate in the Journey 🙂 

With Love, 




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