“Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon”….I couldn’t find a better quote on what Acupuncture, a core part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has to say about an ideal Life Work balance for sustainable health.

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With shorter days and longer nights we are entering into a slower, quieter – Yin– part on the Wheel of the Year and so an adjustment of our Yin Yang balance is in focus. Do you feel the need to switch your lifestyle to a ‘Winter’ mode – with more rest during the day, earlier nights, nurturing of your Inner Self and going a little easier on your external activities?

Body thrives on gracefully changing, predictable rhythms: Day and Night, Summer and Winter, Sympathetic activity and Parasympathetic activity – interdependent opposites aptly named ‘Yin and Yang’ by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Last month on our FREE monthly online Colourpuncture Q&A we talked about the benefits of Yin and Yang crystals, called ‘the Sun and the Moon’, ‘Gold‘ and ‘Silver‘ or ‘Polarity crystals’ and I’d like to share a video recording of the answers related to (easy!) Yin and Yang balancing by using Polarity crystals.

“Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon” – how hard sometimes to get this right, especially at times when there seems to be just not enough hours in the day…. At times when the energy flow of the moment itself calls you to act and it is at these times it’s vital to get the balance ‘just right’. Too little action, and you can miss the energy flow. Too much action and not enough rest, and you can damage your health. This year I’m trying to look at my Life Work balance. The idea is to get create a better balance… The first step is to look honestly at where I’m now 🙂 What’s about you? Are you happy with your Life Work balance? If not quite, read on!


Yin and Yang made (very) simple

  • Yin is the feminine, the Moon, the Night, a calm and sustained energy 
  • Yang is the masculine, the Sun, the Day, a very dynamic energy

In an ideal world we would all have our consciously created, unique balance when Yin and Yang energies flow effortlessly into one another as we go about our days and live our lives. In an ideal world, we would “Live by the Sun and Love by the Moon”.

In a real world, during ‘usual’ times we all have our unconsciously adopted but still unique Yin Yang balance – not perfect, most likely needing to be re-dressed but OURS. During ‘unusual’ times of late, a vast majority of us promptly moved towards ‘sympathetic dominance’ – a heightened and sustained period of overactivity of Sympathetic Nervous System: a lot of work and stress and not enough rest, peace and relaxation. Luckily, there are simple tools and tips to start shifting the balance in favour of Parasympathetic activity – preferably to BETTER levels than we had before the ‘unusual’ times started. 


Effectiveness, simplicity, power

Would you like to have a simple tool which requires absolute min time to use to make you feel relaxed, energised and deeply connected with your Inner Self? I found such a tool for myself and it’s very likely not what you already know about! Get to know ‘Yin and Yang’, ‘the Sun and the Moon’, the ‘Gold‘ and ‘Silver‘ or ‘Polarity’ crystals’….simple to use, effective and very convenient they quickly became my favourite tool when I needed to help myself – quick. Normally, I’m very patient. At times, I need some help, and now!!! And sometimes…I’m just too tired to do anything – and this is when the Crystals come to help. All you need to do is to put them on your body at certain easy to find points and you can even do it through the cloths! I personally prefer to attach them with a Micropore tape and wear them for some time after initial period of getting to know them. 


Information, Energy, Matter

Polarity crystals were developed by Peter Mandel, founder of Colourpuncture, in cooperation with the SWAROVSKI company. The crystals’ secret? I feel it’s in restoring the Balance in the Body-Mind — they balance Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon principle of our Being, from a familiar bodily equivalent, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems, to a Soul-Spirit level of full Self expression and authentic creativity. If you feel you – or somebody you know – can benefit from such balancing, have a look at our Colourpuncture Academy shop or if you have questions get in touch, I’d be happy to share my experience and answer your questions!

In Colourpuncture system we have Body, Soul, Spirit or Information, Energy, Matter as a core of the treatment strategy and keys to human health and wellbeing. 

  • Crystals treatments are the treatments on the level of Information 
  • Colourpuncture works with Energy and Information 

And here is a simple Yin Yang balancing tool for the Body, by the Body!



BREATHE….learn to breathe deeply and practice breathing deeply. It may sound silly but if you find it hard to relax during the day and you notice that when you are stressed you hold your breath, then you will find a very simple tip helpful: schedule deep breathing times into your day. In case of extreme forgetfulness about Self, start with putting an alarm reminder on your phone: simply ‘anchor’ your deep breathing practice on some regular activity. For example before and after a meal. This way, you will get at least 6 bouts of deep breathing into your day…as opposite to 0. With time you will naturally internalise the habit. This also works if you find it hard to get going: deep breathing will engage a Parasympathetic Nervous System, the two systems will rebalance and your Sympathetic Nervous System will support you better in your active times. 



Polarity Crystals is a De Luxe Yin and Yang balancing tool! Relatively inexpensive and so versatile when you know how to use them, they are a must have in your Home Spa Retreat 🙂 They can make for a daily ‘vacation’ if you remember to use them during your 5-15 min break – they’ll leave you feeling relaxed and energised. If you decide to invest in them you will find yourself using them a lot, precisely because they are really quick and easy to use, extremely helpful with all sorts of problems and give you not just relaxation and freshness but also a much needed insight into a situation you are working on resolving. The practice is simple: focus on a question you are working on resolving; apply or attach the crystals and ‘tune in’. (Breathing deeply)…focus on observing your bodily felt senses, feelings and thoughts. Or, ask a direct question around the situation or conflict you are trying to resolve. Sometimes you can get an insight into your situation during your mini-treatment, sometimes you can get it later, sometimes it will come in a dream. Write down your insights, and in you want to take it to a further clarity, do some related Colourpuncture treatment or/and Dreamwork – or take it straightaway into your Journalling or Stream Writing if you feel you are very close to this insight being ‘that’s what it is!’ clarity. 

Wishing you best of luck creating a perfect Yin and Yang balance!

Here is a video transcript:

‘Polarity crystals are crystals which broadly can be seen as Yin and Yang crystals: male and female; sun and moon, day and night. So at some very very basic levels Polarity crystals they sort out our sort of roughly 50 50 balance of energies in the body. We all have Yin and Yang energies – regardless of our gender. We just have them in different proportions. I gave 50 50 as a deliberate sort of ‘wrong’ combination because it never happens this way. But ideally we should have the better balance between Yin and Yang we have the better it will be for our health. So it might not necessarily be the best for your ambition for example; so if you are a really ambitious person and you really need to achieve a lot, and you want to achieve a lot and you’re going for it, and if you work all hours then of course you would feel like you need a lot of Yang energy and a little Yin energy – you know, in spare hours. But basically this is for your mind, this is for your external life. For your body – body always wants to have a balance. On a very simple level again coming back to Polarity crystals, Yin and Yang crystals you can see it as a creating a balance between Sympathetic Nervous System which is a ‘fight and flight’ system and Parasympathetic Nervous System which is a ‘rest and digest’ system. So body really wants to have the balance for bodily health: body wants you to be active in the Yang time of the day – in a day time – and body wants you to rest fully in the Yin time of the day, this is what the body wants. Now, Polarity crystals work on many many things but on a very basic level you can see them as Yin and Yang crystals, Yin and Yang balancing in your energies; balancing Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system which I feel is extremely important in this time we are now. It’s extremely important because there is such a lot of really really unhealthy ‘Sympathetic Dominance’ – there’s all these fears and uncertainties and and people trying to work so so much extra because they need to change a lot of things in their life because of this crisis.

Because for many people life changed quite dramatically over the last several years. So we are having this big big big Sympathetic Dominance which – make no mistake – will make itself known later as a kind of you know psychosomatic symptoms or diseases or whatever because we cannot stay ‘on’ all the time. There will be you know there will be a time where we need to go and rest – and depending how we overspend our Yang, how we overtaxed our Sympathetic Nervous System and how our Parasympathetic System got neglected, then we will have results. So hopefully we will all strive to to create this balance and Polarity crystals are fantastic for that! So this is about Polarity crystals; this is what they are for in a very very very basic level. Of course there is much more to it but this is a really basic.’

Next video from this Q&A will cover a specific use of Polarity Crystals on Acupuncture points (no Acupuncture needles required!). Stay tuned!

Sun Moon

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