If there would be a colour which signals the end of one chapter – which is just the beginning of another – no matter if we see it this way or not, that would be colour Violet. Colourpuncture colour Violet, as a close relative of Colorpuncture Ultraviolet light, might just swirl you onto a breathtaking detour into the realm of the unseen – the spiritual; the ancestry; the collective; bringing boundless creativity and nearly mystical experiences. Colourpuncture Violet both deeply relaxes and invigorates the body.

The colour Violet combines the calm stability of Blue and the bold dynamism of Red and is sometimes seen as the colour of unity transcending the duality of Yin and Yang and so the colour of ultimate harmony and healing force of the universe. The colour Violet is often associated with power, creativity, wisdom, peace, independence, awareness, integrity, sensibility and even mystery or magic. This Violet colour energy is about being deeply influenced by inner knowing which is beyond words.


Violet is a Spiritual Colour

In Colourpuncture Violet is considered to be the colour of our Spirit. It is a main colour for deep relaxation, including overcoming effects of trauma, healing strong formative experiences and tapping into deeper layers of our Being. Violet acts on the subconscious level, lends us spiritual strength while also promoting conscious insights. Violet increases the effect of all kinds of meditation and is also regarded as the colour of inspiration and deep peace. It has a positive effect on the spleen, nervous and lymphatic system. The colour Violet corresponds to the infinite creativity of our ‘right brain’.

For our Lymphatic treatments in Colourpuncture we balance a soothing Violet with a cheerful  Yellow. Violet is the seventh colour in Colourpuncture’s spectral colours sequence and it symbolises the end of one chapter and beginning of the next as apart from Blue it also contains Red, the colour of new beginnings, which makes Violet a really special colour of the spectrum. Inherently balanced Violet promotes a better general functioning of nervous system, creative freedom and sense of individuality and uniqueness.

In a therapy – together with Colour Yellow – Violet regulates our Lymphatic system and will help with detoxification and elimination – and so a little regular Colourpuncture application of Violet together with Yellow over time will help us to build better resilience of our Immune system. Classic easy and profoundly calming Colourpuncture treatment ‘Neurasthenia Line’ is done in Violet as a singular colour for deep relaxation and as a part of a Reaction test for Basic Pattern of Endocrine Insufficiency.


Violet in Colourpuncture Colours system

Violet is one of three Secondary Colours in Colourpuncture alongside with Orange and Green. A complementary colour to a spectral Violet is Yellow. We often use complementary colours application on meridian system and on symmetrical pairs of Acupuncture points, lines or zones. We use Violet together with Yellow to stimulate activity of Lymphatic system and support detoxification and elimination.

To the left on the traditional colour spectrum from Violet there is the Blue colour which we use for endocrine support. Violet is the last colour of the visible spectrum. Violet can also be used in place of Ultraviolet for certain Colourpuncture treatments.


Application of Violet in Colourpuncture

The simplest use of Colour Violet in Colourpuncture will be to treat Yin Tang with Violet. Usually we apply Colourpuncture for 30 sec reducing this to 10-20 sec for children, older or fragile people. If somebody tends to react slowly we use up to 60 sec or 1 min application of light.

Violet application on Yin Tang treats:

  • trauma
  • deep seated anxiety
  • severe mental overwhelm

Treatment of Yin Tang in Violet makes a fragment of a highly effective Colourpuncture staple ‘Coordination 10’ treatment for overcoming effects of trauma and promoting self healing. Coordination 10 in Violet should be combined with treatment of Kidney 1 in Red for treatment of trauma in children. 


Neurasthenia Line

The simplest but profound Violet Colourpuncture treatment is ‘Neurasthenia Line’. Done solely in Violet and complete in itself as a little power treatment it also contains:

  • Limbic Point
  • Points of 4 brains rhythms

Treating Neurasthenia Line is the quickest way (apart from probably Auricular Colourpuncture) to calm down and relax to a very deep level. Violet colour just seems to reach our depth; our highs, layers of our Being which are beyond words and our daily comprehension.


Colour Violet for Colourpuncture at Home

Violet is most likely to be used at home for treatment of Neurasthenia Line – which can be used weekly or twice weekly in an initial period of treatment of Endocrine Insufficiency as a part of a bigger treatment. You can also treat Neurasthenia Line daily on its own in period of stress or overwhelm.

If you use Violet for children for anti-trauma treatment Coordination 10 and Kidney 1 don’t forget about Prenatal therapy, probably the most important Colourpuncture therapy for children. Unless treating an acute state such as colds, flus or stomach upsets, Prenatal therapy is the best start in resolving many problems with Colourpuncture. Violet colour is used in Prenatal therapy to treat the main line of Metamorphic Technique (‘Prenatal Line’) which in Colourpunture we call ‘Spirit Line’.


Here is a transcript of the video:

“Hi, this is Irina from Colourpuncture Academy and this is our seventh video from series on simple use of colour in Colourpuncture. This video is for you if you have a Perlux light set or simply want to learn more about Colourpuncture. Colorpuncture is a spin off Acupuncture; in Colorpuncture we use application of coloured light on acupuncture points, meridians and different reflex zones on the skin – such as lines and zones. In this series we are going to use two acupuncture points which are very well known and very widely used because they have great range of benefits this is Yin Tang or mid-brow point and Large Intestine 4 or hegu points. Today we are going to talk about color violet and we don’t usually use color violet on hegu so instead I’m going to show you how to treat lines in Colourpuncture and I’m going to use violet for this. Now, for the color violet. First I’m going to treat Yin Tang or mid-brow point and I’m going to show you today how to use flat focus Perlux to treat the points. Usually we use our point application Perlux for treating the points but today I would like to show you how to use flat focus because sometimes you would like to use flat focus for point application. For example, when you’re treating children they love asking you if they can hold your Perlux for a second or two – or a minute or two if they’re patient! – while you’re treating them and this is much easier option. So, I’m going to apply with colour violet on Yin Tang or mid-brow point. Our usual timings apply: 30 seconds for most people, 20 seconds for children or older people fragile people, 60 seconds for people who take their time to react to Colourpuncture. And now I’m going to treat ‘Neurasthenia Line’ which is a line in Colourpuncture and this is a line which goes in between two pupils lines on the level of point which is one finger width above Yin Tang which we just treated. So I’m going to use application of violet light. Every time we treat a line in Colorpuncture we treat it from line left to right so there and back in one time; this is second time; this is the third. When we treat lines in Colourpuncture we do three to eight times – which usually comes down to five times on average.

Application of violet to Yin Tang and ‘Neurosthenia line’ has strongly calming effect, and you can use them together. When you use violet on Yin Tang this is part of treatment called ‘Anti-trauma’ treatment which is a great treatment for overcoming any kind of trauma: psychological trauma, emotional trauma, physical trauma and this is great for children for things like birth trauma or prenatal trauma when something happens during pregnancy to the mother or around the mother. ‘Neurasthenia line’ is a part of a bigger treatment, one of most used treatments in Colorpuncture for Endocrine Insufficiency or Endocrine Imbalance which helps with tiredness, depression, low moods, low energy, low motivation and it has strong calming effect. But even if you treat just Neurosthenia Line it will have very calming effect – and you can treat them together: you can treat Yin Tang in violet and you can treat Neurosthenia Line violet together. For me colour violet is a very interesting color: it’s the last spectral color we use in Colourpuncture, last visible colour of the spectrum and it’s a combination of the strongly cooling Blue and strongly energizing Red; so every time we’re using colour violet we need to keep in mind that in effect we are ‘closing one chapter and opening another chapter’ because it contains Red; violet contains Red – a sign of new beginnings. Please read my post for more details; we are wishing you a very happy application of color violet at home or anywhere you take your Perlux with you. Thank you!”


What would you like to read about in relation to Colourpuncture?

With the basics of Colourpuncture, our Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture series and the 3 Main Patterns (Endocrine, Toxic-Lymphatic and Degenerative) series now complete, we would like to ask you:

  • What would you like to read about?
  • What would you like to know about Colourpuncture?
  • Where is your area of difficulty if you are already practicing Colorpuncture?
  • What are your questions, doubts and reservations if you are deeply intrigued by what Colourpuncture has to offer and feel that this is for you, but hesitate to make a start?

We are here, we are listening and with our keen and extensive experience in Colourpuncture, we are happy to share what we discovered with our practice over the years.

If you are only starting with Colourpuncture or brushing up your Colorpuncture knowledge and skills and not sure which treatments I’m referring to here, please get in touch using the form below. I’m happy to connect and guide you through a mini ‘Violet Colour Colourpuncture meditation’ in a free, no obligation online session (we will need around 20 min). I’m grateful to have Colourpuncture in my life and it brings me true joy to support people sharing what I have learnt about Colourpuncture.



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