Endocrine Imbalance

‘Hi, I’m a Queen! A Queen of Moods!! I showcase a dazzling display of mood swings, migrating spasms and complex pains!!! I turn an unremarkable mouse hole into a momentous mountain in a blink of an eye!!!! Oh, also I have zero energy and I’m feeling dizzy right now!!!!! 

No, please do take me seriously: I have headaches, stomach aches, my periods are all over the place and my blood pressure changes quicker than you can measure it (shall we try?), I feel truly TERRIBLE and my body is just not functioning. It makes my life a nightmare – by the way I can’t sleep too!!!!!!’ 


Disease development: Stage 1, the Brook and the Stream

Imagine disease development process as a flow of water in a river. 

A river starts somewhere hidden or unreachable up in the mountains perhaps and develops into a tiny spring, coming down it becomes a stream, then a river and finally it merges with the sea. 

Depending on your point of view you will see a different width, depth, strength and configuration of the flow of water. It can even have different names at different stretches. 

But the quality of water and the nature of the river are still the same anywhere we observe it. This is how we now that this is this river and not that. 

Similar analogy can be made with a disease developing in time. We see a different manifestation of it (symptoms, test results) depending on a stage of its development (our observation point).

Here we are looking at the tiny but resolute brook just about making it into a stream.


On the surface 

Back to our ‘Drama Queen’ on her visit to a Doctor.

The Queen: ’I have spasms, pains and aches here! there!! everywhere!!! and it feels really serious!!!! Like, life threatening serious, Doctor!!!!!! I’m not even sure if you can help. Nothing/nobody seems to be able to help me’  (Sits down with a solemn expression). 

The Doctor, looking above their glasses (suggesting wisdom and years of experience) at you with a slightly covered yet good portion of scepticism and just a dab of contempt while carefully trying to find an appropriate verbal substitute for: ‘It’s all in your head, Madam’ or ‘You are just a lazy bum, Sir’ and ‘Sure I can help – you don’t need any help, there is nothing wrong with you’): ‘Well……’

After a quick inner dialogue which includes trying to shake off a background note of patients’ unusually cold hands during the handshake the Doctor eventually settles on: ‘Let’s do some tests’. 


Sounds familiar?

If you can somewhat relate to the picture above you know very well how the storyline develops. 

A. Your test results are as clear as your tears 

B. Your doctor’s face expression is triumphant

C. Your face drops portraying mixed feelings:

  • a residue of hope: ’There is something terribly wrong with me, please help, HELP!’, 
  • sadness/anger about test results being trusted and not your symptoms, 
  • beginning of resignation: ‘There is something terribly wrong but I won’t ever find out’ and even 
  • self doubt ‘Can I even trust what I’m feeling??’ 

D. On your persistence beyond that point you get a psychiatrist referral. 

At this stage you may start doubting your own sanity as on one hand you experience all these pains and aches and wild energy/mood swings, but on the other…. your test results are indeed all clear. 

You are back to your silent suffering and life being half-lived.


In Reality 

You should trust your feelings. What you feel is real. And there is an explanation for it.

Your body is screaming because at this stage you can be helped. 

The medical tests available to you reflect the current progress of science. The absence of a valid test doesn’t equal the absence of a physical problem. Just think of times when blood pressure monitors were not invented. Or a microscope. Or – unbelievable – genetic testing.

Note, your body doesn’t announce a dangerous growth or give a red signal of an imminent stroke or a heart attack. Why? Well, there is a little use. Unless you take a massive, laser correct and specific effort – and the odds are in your favour – it’s usually far too late for the body to scream. These are a matter of fact developments precisely from these unheard and untrusted early screams of Endocrine Imbalance/Insufficiency a decade or two prior. 

There are actions to take and the time is now. Understand that you are at the very beginning of the disease path and you can stop or dramatically delay its development.

Let’s get acquainted with Endocrine Imbalance/Insufficiency called ‘Endocrine Basic Pattern’ in Colourpuncture. 

At the very foundation of Colourpuncture system is a concept of 3 ‘Basic Patterns’, each describing a pool of symptoms or clinical picture, emotional and mental components of it and together, they outline an uninterrupted progression of a dis-ease. 

The story starts here, in a general pool of ‘Endocrine Basic Pattern’ with it hallmark: functional disturbances of various bodily functions. Back to that brook slowly developing into a stream. 


A side note…. and a validation

In some countries, there is medical recognition of this symptom picture and it’s called in a broad translation ‘Autonomic-vascular dystonia’. It manifests as a seemingly random collection of symptoms all of which under closer look perfectly reflect an imbalance in working of Autonomic Nervous System. Meaning that Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems (SNS, PNS) are disorganised in their functioning producing a wide range of seemingly unrelated symptoms. 

The cause can be spine problems (where the autonomic nerves originate), head trauma, emotional trauma but more often than not it’s an Endocrine Insufficiency or Imbalance. 

Even the most sceptical of doctors in these countries accept that while the patient might not be ‘ill’ (nothing shows up on the tests after all) clearly, they aren’t ‘healthy’ either. It’s a grey area of the beginning of various disease developments depending on which particular part of autonomic nervous system is involved and inborn or family organ system weaknesses. 


I’m intimately familiar with an ‘Endocrine Imbalance’

I can relate to it 100% and so painted the sad/ironic picture above with no insults in mind. I have deep sympathy to everyone who can relate to this vague and frustrating symptom picture (and I understand myself in my youth so much better).

As somebody who would sometimes end up in a hospital with some pains in these countries where the diagnosis is accepted I still faced well, ambiguity in a medical response. I had a low BP at the time and would sometimes lose consciousness for no other reasons than stuffy air, sights of suffering or pain shock from injections. 

I learned with time to recognise the signs of BP drop coming. 

Here is a typical scene from these years. 

Me: ‘I’m feeling dizzy; I think I might lose consciousness any minute’

Nurse: ‘:)’ (meaning: ‘You look fine to me!’)

Next thing I hear when I recover after a collapse:

Doctor: ‘???’

Nurse: ‘Oh, Doctor, suddenly she just fell on the floor’. 

This is just a tiny example and I won’t bore you with a real long history of other truly demoralising problems. Just as a note, before I came across Natural Health and then Colourpuncture I would carry an ammonia inhalant with me for quite some years. 

I have always been into some sort of self-help, you can tell…


Endocrine Basic Pattern: functional disturbances 

Let’s put aside for now totally important and often obvious causes such as spine problems and physical and emotional traumas and focus on more obscure Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance. 

Endocrine Insufficiency gives an impressive and broad clinical picture and can manifest as anything from headaches, digestive and reproductive systems problems to wildly fluctuating blood pressure, sleep problems, dizziness, cold hands and feet, anxiety, depression and a general feeling of Being a Little Lost in the Big Wide World without a Teddy Bear. All this still falls under an umbrella of ‘Autonomic Disfunction’. Here we have dis-regulation of SNS and PNS which in turn triggers functional disturbances in working of various organs and systems. 

Some people have massive emotional or/and mental problems, mood swings, depression or/and anxiety which overshadow the physical.  

A general sense of a high drama – ongoing, unexplained – dominates the picture. 

Basically, you are ’Off’ a lot of the time or from time to time but without any warning.

You can spend anything from some years to a lifetime (my own journey took a couple of decades) in the Endocrine Basic Pattern as it is very rarely diagnosed properly let alone addressed. 

Even though the presenting picture is that of Autonomic Nervous System dis-balance, barring structural problems and traumas the likely root is the Endocrine system Insufficiency or dis-coordination. 

Endocrine Basic Pattern is the first step in development of many diseases.


The extreme Endocrine Insufficiency 

A scary extreme of Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance is spiritual emptiness: a truly and hopelessly lost person having ongoing struggle to find themselves. 

Always on the search, they can’t tune into their life Path or understand their feelings. Conditioning, childhood and current create ‘Emotional Patterns’. Emotional patterns trigger a merry go round of psycho-emotional and physical symptoms.


‘Full on the inside, empty on the outside’

Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance is obscure, frustrating to tears and yes, it often leaves no traces in your clinical tests. 

‘Full on the inside, empty on the outside’ is an apt single sentence description of life consequences of Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance.

You are ‘full on the inside’ with ideas, plans, visions, dreams but sadly, they just stay right there, on the inside. Somehow you are having a life long struggle manifesting all this abundant creativity in the outer. 

Soul-deep beautiful people with Endocrine Basic Pattern just can’t ‘get it together’ frustrating themselves and robbing the world of products of manifestation of their talents which they are filled with to a brim. 

This often leads to over promising and underdelivering  🙁


Over promises under delivers 

Over promise is often a promise just for the Self but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating or painful. 

You know you have talents to share, you can feel it. 

Your lack of manifestation makes you want to bang your head against the wall. 

Ultimately, you feel you are not good enough ‘at being human’.



Looking far back into the past we usually find a multitude of clues and events inside the spaces of:

  • Birth/Prenatal (from parents’ health/emotional problems to birth trauma) 
  • Childhood (from a perceived or real lack of love to emotional or physical traumas)



Left unaddressed, Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance will over time lead to organs and systems diseases with heavy clinical picture. 

Understood correctly and treated appropriately Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance will resolve; the improvement in symptoms can be impressive and quick. Colourpuncture can tame the symptoms – across the board – on all levels including the physical. 

A better feeling of your own body and a developing sense of Self are likely to be pleasant side effects. You start to experience an unfamiliar sense of interconnection between your body and soul and discover how it is to feel your feelings, make sense of them and rely on your body. 

If you would like to learn how to manage Endocrine Insufficiency/Imbalance join us for the Part 1 of Colourpuncture Professional Training Course   in October 2020 or a  Short Workshop ‘Mood swings, Fatigue and Depression in August 2020.


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