How do we get ‘better at being human’? How do we get our life ‘together’? How do we organise this almost tangible inner abundance and bring that ‘full on the inside’ into the outer? Naturally, sustainably, joyously, fully?

How do we manifest and share our gifts? 

How do we learn to feel into our Life path and make humble but determined steps every day in this direction? 

How do we discover what do we really need to do/be and live it out making every day truly a day fully lived?

And, how to get these great side effects such as healing your headaches, digestive, reproductive problems, achieving sustained energy, inner stability and refreshing sleep? 


Painting a big picture: ‘this is why I want to get better’

Now, while it might seem strange to focus on some lofty goal when we have this multitude of pressing physical symptoms and psycho-emotional instability and ‘just  want to get better’ I believe this is exactly what we need to do first. 

The problem is: often tiredness/depression is so overwhelming that you won’t have even strength/desire to get into some therapy as the background thought will be ‘what’s the point’ and ‘nothing will help me’. A full range of beautiful Colourpuncture therapies for Endocrine Imbalance will sit there untouched if you don’t have motivation strong enough to switch on your Perlux at home or book a therapy session. 

While will power alone won’t usually get you far this is the case where it will. You need to just get yourself together on willpower to paint this picture. You need to make it sexy enough for you to get on your feet and start taking some action. 

Then you need to add a little trust to the mix. Trust that what helped other people will help you and drop that feeling of entitlement to exceptional suffering even if only for the time it takes for you to plan that big picture and learn some initial simple treatments.

I don’t feel that focusing solely or primarily on the symptoms will help. Sure Colourpuncture will massively relieve the symptoms – simple ‘Endocrine Basic treatment’ will – but the overall feeling of being in charge of your life, in control of what you create and in full cooperation with with your body will come with doing some other things. 

Starting early with creating your initial vision will massively direct the process and we can edit the vision as we go along. 

Sometimes the suffering and disconnection from the body can be so much that a simple question ‘why would you like to get better’ leading to a simple answer ‘to not feel the pain and have some energy’ won’t suffice. You need to know at least preliminary as is for today, what would you want to do or be when you get better, your WHY. And don’t worry, change and edit your vision as you go. 


Endocrine imbalance: where to start

I found approaching Endocrine Insufficiency from two different sides help. 

First, we need to support the body. Simple, if there is insufficiency, you won’t get far on sheer will power. You will, to a point only to deplete yourself even further. Will power is noble but isn’t sustainable. Therapies such as Acupuncture or Colourpuncture help and should be part of routine at least in the beginning. 

But also important and often overlooked in therapy is a personal responsibility part, AKA Personal Development where we aim to understand what we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are and starting from this point develop – at our individual pace – in a chosen desired direction carefully building our future bright and creative empire, both inner and outer.

From Acupressure to personal development there is a good long list of self help which helps to get from the ongoing and untold suffering of the ‘Drama Queen’ to the cool and productivity of CEO. I’ve seen in happening and it’s perfectly possible. 

I believe only a combination of two will move the needle in case of Endocrine Insufficiency. While personal responsibility is important for a progress of any therapy here it’s paramount: in Endocrine Insufficiency you feel you ‘can’t’ (feel good, manage energy, emotions, manifest whatever) so it’s vital that you practice ‘I can’ to create a new reference point in your mind and so every personal development skill learned, practiced and integrated will reiterate your ‘I can’. This in itself will promote confidence and healing. 

Endocrine Imbalance is not a resignation of ‘I can but don’t want to’ but most often than not ‘I want but I can’t’. 

To look at what really helps with Endocrine imbalance let’s see first what really doesn’t. 


Endocrine Imbalance: ‘Self Medication’

People who didn’t get any help from their Doctor and didn’t end up at the Psychiatrist’s office yet (or indeed got all clear from there too) resort to self help in a form of popular self-medication as well, they still have all these symptoms despite official medicine disregarding them:

  • Surely, Coffee…. to get Adrenals going, 
  • In fact, any adrenal producing activities do; ironically these trigger more Endocrine Insufficiency… 
  • Meat-based diet… to jump-start the struggling Thyroid, 
  • Sugary snacks…. to wake up a tiger of a Pancreas,
  • Possibly stimulants…. to kick start Sexual function,
  • Probably porn/loud music/low beat music/dark art… to engage/trigger some general interest in life, 
  • And, certainly, Alcohol….. to wind down after a day of work and also to suppress multiple side-effects of other above-mentioned self-medications. 

Unfortunately any of these can lead to serious life long addiction problem. The reason is simple: you feel you can’t rely on your own body (this is an awful feeling like not belonging to yourself or controlling yourself fully) with its functioning widely swinging between extremes with no apparent reason or trigger. And this is when an external substance/behaviour/other person seems to be just strong enough to (temporarily) ‘fix’ you.

‘Self Medication’ for Endocrine Insufficiency helps for anything from several minutes to several years but never long term. Self Medication applied long term brings forward the further Toxic and Degenerative disease developments in leaps and bounds. 


Do you have an Endocrine Insufficiency? 

Do you have, have had any two or more of these symptoms or is there a family history of:

  • birth trauma 
  • spine/back problems 
  • head injury 
  • childhood ‘problems’ 
  • headaches
  • digestive problems 
  • reproductive systems problems 
  • fluctuating blood pressure
  • sleep problems
  • dizziness
  • cold hands or/and feet
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • tiredness
  • lack of motivation? 

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) misbalances stem from unbalanced function of the endocrine system and so this is where our treatment starts: endocrine therapies. 

Luckily in Colourpuncture we have a wast range of therapies for balancing Endocrine function. If you relate in any way to descriptions of Endocrine Imbalance then learning Colourpuncture will be the smartest shortcut to address Endocrine Insufficiency, balance Autonomic Nervous System and with that build sustainable health.

Spinal Alignment 

Spinal alignment (CranioSacral Therapy, massage) is often overlooked unless you are actually a structural therapist but vital structural foundation should be a part of any therapy strategy no matter what else we do in order to make sure that: 

  • all the spinal autonomic nerves are free  
  • the Willis’s Circle blood circulation is flowing and nourishing the hypothalamus
  • venous and lymphatic drainage from the head is happening unimpeded.


Colourpuncture treatment schedule 

Ideally after the initial 3-4 weekly sessions your maintenance would include 1/month sessions to keep ANS functioning smoothly and to further interconnection between your Body, Soul and Spirit. 

One of the underrated beauties of Colourpuncture is that its effects very clearly accumulate. Colourpuncture touches upon the very roots of the problems and once you started with Colourpuncture you never go back to your pre-therapy levels of suffering.

This means that the more treatments you have over time the better and quicker your body responds; your emotions move you fluidly into constructive actions and you get closer and closer each time to sensing who you are and what you are here to do. Miraculous as it sounds, anyone who experienced Colourpuncture over time can attest to this. 


Strengths and Challenges of Endocrine Basic Pattern (EBP)

The Strength: potential. With Endocrine Insufficiency come loads of brilliant ideas. I mean, brilliant. I mean, loads. 

Creativity is high and developing on it is not an option – it’s the only choice. You are here to create. First, find where you creativity resides and then draw a vision and make a plan. To make your life easier make yourself accountable to somebody who will make sure you see your commitment to creativity through to manifestation.

The Challenge: manifestation. Practicing manifestation and self reliance and a ‘good enough’ idea is a must. No matter your perfectionism paralysis, the ‘quick and dirty’ might be a starting point. Start something. Somewhere. With what you have at the moment. Start practicing making this move from inner to the outer. You can – and you will! – perfect later. The key is to get going and at your pace. 

Understanding and accepting strengths and challenges which come with Endocrine Imbalance is the key to successful managing not just EBP but your whole life. 

Addressing this frustrating dis-balance between a potential and manifestation of Endocrine Insufficiency will spare you many life problems and griefs stemming from ‘Full on the Inside, Empty on the Outside’. 


Self Help and Personal Development

  • Accept that searching for ‘the Self’ might be a life long journey but every found piece is to be celebrated and well used
  • Celebrate your EBP for abundant creativity which comes with it
  • Practice recognising and appreciating of your ‘OK’ periods, strength and health and manifestation whatever your versions of these are; this is important as this is what you are aiming for so a positive reinforcement is vital
  • For you crying is a state of being, overt or covert; you might practice (genuine) smiling while noticing and appreciating growing little spells of feeling good 
  • Smelling the Roses take some weeds out and build a support for a Rose bush 🙂 – you need to develop you sense of being competent 
  • Block time your activities/work from just 2 hrs straight don’t be overly optimistic but practice not to wander but work. Can’t do 2 hrs? Do 15 min but focus. Practice turning your idea into some reality and most importantly see it to completion. Start somewhere, start small and build in small increments practicing your sticking power. This will reinforce a sense of capability and competence. 


‘Don’t rush the art’

Creativity takes time to be tapped into, developed and manifested. Give yourself this time. Just make a difference between wasting time by not taking any action and slow and careful build. 

Manifesting your creativity, stop and admire the results. Look at that painting, read that book you are writing. Stop and acknowledge that you are doing it. This is important and will counterbalance all those ‘lost’ years of life spent in Endocrine Insufficiency without being helped.


Personal advice 

Get out of doctors’ surgery and dig in deep into self help with natural therapies – and soul searching. 

However!! Do not reject official medicine completely just because they don’t see what’s wrong with you, yet.  Get periodical blood tests as without taking adequate action you can expect say thyroid insufficiency or serious reproductive problems or detectable blood sugar imbalance or persistent blood pressure problems later. 

Take Natural Health therapies such as Acupuncture, Colourpuncture, Cranio-Sacral therapy seriously as well as regular relaxation and gentle stimulation to keep your Autonomic Nervous system happily functioning.  


EBP is the first step after ‘the Cause’ and before a ‘proper’ disease

Left untreated, with time the Endocrine Basic Pattern transforms into Toxic basic pattern and can quickly progress into Degenerative. 

Without Endocrine system functioning properly a balanced Autonomic function providing background body work is impossible and Endocrine-Toxic-Degenerative developments are inevitable. Prevention of this development and addressing the current frustrations of the EBP is well worth the effort. 

I personally found Colourpuncture to be the quickest and best way to treat Endocrine Insufficiency. Easy to learn and self give treatments learnt once and done every day/week for some 5-15 min will make a massive difference not just in your physical health but in all areas of your life.

Also for your ‘why do I want to get better’ and all the soul searching an organised system of High Quality Questions such as Cultivating the Self is what you need, and your personal development work will reward you greatly.

If you would like to learn Basic Foundations of Colourpuncture and a multitude of therapies for Endocrine Insufficiency join us for the Part 1 Professional Colourpuncture training course in October 2020. 

If you would like to learn just enough treatments to make a good start with Colourpuncture for Endocrine Insufficiency join us for a Colourpuncture Short Workshop: ‘Depression, Mood Swings and Fatigue’ in August 2020 (if you attend ‘Depression, Mood swings and Fatigue‘ and later decide to learn more taking Professional course we will deduct 50% of Short workshop price). 

Wishing you best of health and fulfilling creativity!

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