Colourpuncture therapy offers a wide variety of therapies for different physical problems. A range of treatments for hormonal balancing – the balancing of your endocrine system – will actually be where you begin your colour light therapy journey in many cases. Why? Because the root causes of many modern Western world diseases, more often then not, will have a psychosomatic origin.

Gone are the days when the biggest threat to your health was being crushed under a falling mammoth or getting sickly warts from bubonic plague; nowadays, the biggest killers in Western countries are illnesses like cancer, stress and liver failure.

So how do you tell if your endocrine system might be under the stress?

The symptoms of hormonal disbalance are many; they are seemingly unrelated and are usually without any clinical findings: you might have blood pressure instability, headaches, anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep problems including insomnia, dizziness, stomach problems, sexual endocrine gland problems including a disturbed menstrual cycle, fertility issues, PMT, menopause, post-natal depression; puberty related problems, fears, phobias, mood swings etc.

Purely because the symptoms are usually not backed up by any clinical findings, you end up with the diagnosis “There is nothing wrong with you. You are just fine”. You know you are not. You can feel it nearly everywhere in your body nearly all the time. You’ll get more and more frustrated because your symptoms will not just fail to go away – they’ll get worse. You might start feeling emotionally low too, especially when you have the additional diagnosis that “It’s all in you head…”.

So what does Colourpuncture have to offer to help with your symptoms? In Colourpuncture we can treat the endocrine system on several different levels depending on the degree of the problem, how long you’ve had it and your individual responsiveness to coloured light. The good news here is that Colorpuncture therapies for hormonal balancing will usually help to significantly reduce your symptoms fairly quickly.

The same treatments will also help people with many psycho-emotional problems, stress-related problems and also long-term consequences of difficult childhood experiences such as withdrawal of affection, abandonment and all sorts of punishment. It’s also great for people who can’t find their path in life or can’t understand their own feelings. Also will help to improve learning, motivation and concentration.

Often the very roots of currently chronic, degenerative or systemic diseases can be found in either endocrine dis-regulation or general under-activity of the endocrine system, and so hormonal balancing treatments will help in these cases as well (in combination with the symptomatic treatments for these conditions).

The beauty of Colourpuncture hormonal therapies is that, not only will you feel significantly better physically very soon, but also the most wonderful feeling of deep inner peace and well-being will soon be with you all the time, naturally.

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