The days are getting longer and the very first spring flowers bring us fresh and bold, bright colours. You suddenly seem to have gained some extra time because of more light during the day, and are probably hoping for new beginnings in your life.  The new spring has arrived.  Are you ready? If you are still feeling a bit hibernating, light-less and colour-less after a long Winter, why not invest 30 min of your time into re-connecting with Nature and welcoming the Spring and your new self? Here’s a very simple, playful exercise for you.

Get up early, recall your dream and write down it down. Stretch and go for a walk – maybe only as far as you own garden. And maybe for only as long as ten minutes or so. Take your time in breathing fresh air and feeling the clean and fresh energy of spring. Close your eyes and absorb the sunlight with every single cell of your body. Come back and make some fresh plans.
Focus on what you want in life; give yourself 10 min and just write down on paper what you would like to change in your life right now. Write in a flow without stopping or judging if what you are writing is relevant. You can either free-write or make some headings reflecting on what is currently important for you and/or needs attention before you start:
your ideal home, your ideal job, your ideal relationship. Stop when the time is up, and then have another 10 min to contemplate, to be surprised by any unexpected ideas.

Did you find it easy?
Did anything really surprise you?
Did you not have a clue on what to write?
Did you feel that you didn’t dare write about what you truly wanted?
Did you find any connection with a dream you had last night?
Highlight the places in your writing which seem important and commit to a little new activity for yourself.
A gym every Monday or a swim every Tuesday?
A coffee with a friend every Wednesday or a date with your long-term partner every Friday?
A couple of hours every Saturday to redesign your current home or to look for a new one?
We hope you had some revelations on your deep inner life recently when doing an exercise from our previous post “Dream yourself free!” (see below if you have missed the post). And today’s exercise is about taking it one step further and making new plans.

And now about…the colour of the month.
A colour of the month is light green (lime green). In a therapy of light and colours – Colourpuncture – we connect the colour light green with a receptive feminine principle and a general openness to receive. Green is the colour for fertility in nature. Light green works by allowing the outer world to gently penetrate through to your inner world. Light green also has a potential to spiritually give birth to your true nature. Light green is one of Soul-Spirit colours in Colorpuncture. We use it for many treatments including Prenatals, Mother/Father balance, Conflict resolution and more.
It is easy to bring an energy of light green colour into your life. Just get some fresh flowers and light green candles. Or dig out your lime green cloths and shop around for a simple natural light green necklace or scarf.

We wish for you to enjoy your first meetings with the Spring and to bring more light green colour into your life. Please come back soon for our next post “Spring clean your life”  with tips on colourful and enlightening body and soul foods for spring.

Welcome to Spring, welcome to a season of light, new beginnings and happy anticipations.

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