We are now in the very last part of the quiet of Winter, when Nature is about to move into the new life of Spring. What does Winter mean for you? A light- and colour-less, unwelcoming cold part of the year which – if it wasn’t for the long festive season – you wish would pass rather quickly? Or is that the time when very naturally all your focus turns inwards which makes it perfect for soul searching, deep spiritual awareness and reconnecting with your inner self?

Why not just before a Spring with all new beginnings arrives have some quiet time with yourself and turn all your attention inwards? Have a pen and paper ready and ask yourself the following:

  • What is really important for me? What are my beliefs and values? How do I spend my time?
  • How would my life have been different if I started to spend a little more time addressing my needs or just reflecting?
  • What parts of myself do I hide from others or even from myself?
  • What inner conflicts do I have? Am I totally happy with myself?
  • Am I aware of my own needs? Do I know what I want and how I’d like to live my life?
  • How is my life going to look like in about a year’s time if I leave everything as it is now? Am I happy with this vision?
  • What do I need to change in my life to be free and happy?

If you answered all the questions easily and got some more clarity to convert into your To-do list to make yourself even happier than you are now – congratulations! You are one of the lucky human beings who knows exactly who they are and where they are going every step of the way. If you are not so crystal-clear clear please read on.

Winters have long been the classic times for divination. Important times not to be missed or hurried. What tools for self-discovery are you using on a regular basis? Meditations, cards or may be dream interpretation?

Your dreams act as a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind and often certain types of dreams reflect certain types of strain and stress. We cross this bridge – there and back – every night even when we can’t recall the dream or think we didn’t dream at all. The dreams are meant to reflect what is really going on in our lives, how do we feel (and not how we think we should feel!) and to warn us about possible short- and long-term outcomes of our daily actions. Our dreams do not lie to us; they are there to be understood.

How can we tap into this powerful inner help? How do we see more of our dreams, recall them easier and use them to guide us on our life path and, even more importantly, to reconnect with ourselves again?

Discover a new way of making your dreams your best friend – The Esogetic Dream set from Peter Mandel. It consists of a dream disc, incorporating crystals in Soul-Spirit colours, a book with symbol cards and esogetic oil with wild herbs. The dream disc will bring you deep calmness and tranquility and improve your readiness to sleep. Your dream memorable activity will increase and the regeneration of the body and nerve system will improve due to more balanced sleeping rhythms.

A rhythmical sleep is vital both for keeping your body healthy and for recovery. The same is true for the memorable dreams that transport and translate the messages of your soul into your waking consciousness.

Experience the dream disc and see the answers to the all-important questions above in a totally new light – crystal clear.

Happy dreaming!

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