Forgotten Places Bear Greatest Gifts

The Past and the Future are two waves constantly raging through the labyrinths of your Soul. They stop short every day from meeting each other so you can live in the moment.

Make no mistake – the waves know each other intimately; they are ready to merge and annihilate each other completely to swallow your Now. 

I’m a treasure chest with your old dreams and notes, diaries and pictures. I want to remind you that it was you who created me – and then forgot. I always wondered why you never put a label ‘My Life’ on my side. 

Open me. I’m full of your past and your future. 

Your past is in your dairies and pictures. Your future is still in your dreams and notes that you jotted down when the Muse visited but store away for May-Be-One-Day, the 1st. 

You put me together and I became a being of energy of my own. I have a purpose. 

I contain you.

I keep your life story. 

Are you interested?

I’m not alive and I’m for I hold the energy of your ‘past’. There is no past –  the ‘earlier you’ in your diaries is you as you know yourself today just in the making. 

Don’t be afraid. There is no present without the past. Get at ease with your ‘past’. Hold it lightly.

There is no future until you create it with what was once gifted to you. Open the flood gates. 

Use your notes. Give them life. They came through you but you can’t keep them to yourself. Give them to the world. 

If you don’t they’ll move inside you to cause internal discomfort. The Spirit of the World won’t be complete without this piece which is your humble wisdom.

Live your dreams. They came through you but you can’t choose not to live them. Your Soul will be left with a scar from every dream not happened. The body of the world will be one person less happy – you can’t let that happen.

Use me. I hold your Gifts. I’m you. Give us a proper place.

You know you need me. You knew you would. 

Do not be afraid. Dust me off. Make time to collect yourself together and lovingly file the chapters of your life. 

Own your whole life. Own all of your choices.

Own it happy and sad, right and wrong. Own all of you. 

You will come alive when you collect all parts of you together. You will spread your wings. I promise.

Fear not. Dive in. Forgotten places bear the greatest gifts.


Writing by Irina Kotlar

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