Colourpuncture in spectral colours will treat the vast majority of problems including physical ilnesses and phycho-emotional issues. Yet sometimes you might need something else, a means to go deeper into the ‘why?’ of your problem as its roots can be hidden out of reach of spectral colors. In search of a solution to the problem of resistance of some issues to spectral colors, Peter Mandel developed Colourpuncture in soul-spirit colours.

Many body and phycho-emotional problems can be treated more succesfully when you use soul-spirit colours instead of spectral colors in indicated protocols. However, we use soul-spirit colours most extensively in “mental therapies”, that is, in cases where the healing should target the body-mind rather than just the body. They are colours of a higher order and we use them for higher therapies such as conflict resolution therapies including Prenatalbirth and childhood therapiesBardo etc.

Soul-spirit colours are paler colours of the spectrum and include light turquoiselight greencrimson and rose.

Light turquoise

     Light Turquoise

The light nuance of turquoise represents the inner coat of the soul. You can use light turquoise instead of dark turquoise when you feel that the problem you are dealing with is not purely phychological in nature but contains an unrecognizable spiritual side and may not be so easily verbalized or understood.

Light green

Soul Spirit Color Light Green
Light Green

Light green is composed of yellow and green. It promotes intellectual ability, strengthens the nerves and has a general calming and relaxing effect on the body. All the diseases that you can treat with yellow – such as digestive problems – you can also treat in a gentler manner with light green. It helps detoxify the body and with treating whooping cough, menopause, nerve inflammation, paralisys, many kidney diseases, diabetes as well as all diseases of the digestive tract. Light green is a colour of a higher nature than green and transfers the low natural compulsion into a higher nature, putting it up into the realm of spiritual consciousness. Light green conveys infinite safety and peace and corresponds to the right side of the body.


Soul Spirit Color Crimson

Crimson conveys the impression of gravity and dignity, graciousness and grace. The power over thoughts is hidden within. Crimson is the color of pure humanity. It rules the blood and means transparency of the highest crystallization force. Crimson spiritually complements light green and is the indicator of the absolute inner being that is linked to the program of life. The color crimson will help you react to influences from the outside in a manner which closely agrees with your innermost being.


Rose Soul Spirit Color

Rose is the number 10th color in Colourpuncture and symbolises a new beginning, beginning of a new cycle due o its position (10=1+0=1). Rose color will help you find new beginings in your own life. Rose is related to your spiritual centre. Similar to other soul-spirit colors , Rose has no specific indication. Rose posesses a special love for being human and contains the secret of spiritual growth.

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