Colourpuncture light therapy benefits could be further enchanced by your own active involvement in your healing process.

How is this possible?

One of the best options for Colourpuncture self-help includes learning Esogetic Dream therapy and taking an active part in helping your body to process color light on a deeper level.

What is Esogetic Dream therapy?

It is a dream therapy developed by Peter Mandel with the aim of helping you to integrate the positive changes induced by light and colour into your body-mind. It is extremely effective, and easy to learn and incorporate into your daily routine.

Esogetic Dream therapy is also an excellent dream therapy in its own right, even withoutesogetic oil Colourpuncture.

What will you need to start learning Esogetic dream therapy?

You will need a bottle of Esogetic dream oil and easy-to-follow guidance on what to do.

How do you learn Esogetic Dream therapy?

You will now have an opportunity to learn the dream therapy on this site as every month we will be giving you detailed information about a ‘dreamzone’ on the body and how to treat it.

Peter Mandel has described many such zones on the body, that seem to be intrinsically connected and help with specific issues and as such are ideal for daily self-help. We all tend to have our little aches and pains, problems and worries which – we feel – might just be explained by our daily stresses and pressures of life. Naturally we would like to do something about these discomforts and in this way prevent them from becoming a real problem later on.

All you need for this is a bottle of the esogetic wild-herb-oil and your hands. If you have a Colour puncture light therapy light pen, we will also be giving you the treatment colour.

The esogetic herb dream oil applied in a specific manner to the Esogetic dream zones will promote “targeted dreaming” or simply dreams focused on certain topics, and will help you get more insights about your deep issues as well as the best means of overcoming them.

Esogetic Dream therapy practiced over a period of time, will also help you have a good, natural, deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Keep visiting this page for the next dream zone and you will have a very nice collection of Dream and colour puncture light therapy possibilities.

Before starting dream zone treatment, please note the following:

1. Before applying the Esogetic oil, stimulate the zone or zones that you are going to work with by gently massaging them with a soft brush, cloth or just hands.

2. Now vigorously rub in three or four drops of the esogetic herbal oil.

3. Be careful not to get the Esogetic Oil in your eyes. Should this occur, rinse out with generous amounts of water.

4. Do not treat more than three zones in one session.

5. If complaints persist despite regular Dream therapy treatments over at least a month, please consult your doctor or natural health practitioner. You are also very welcome to leave a comment on your experience as well as any questions you might have on this page (or e-mail us on so we can advise you further on your options.

For more information on Esogetic dream therapy please visit

You are going to learn the following zones for Esogetic dream therapy:

1. Zone of Joy

2. Zone of Spirit

3. Zone of Feelings and Intuition

4. Zone of Imagination

5. Zone of Intellect

6. Zone of Fear

7. Zone of Sorrow

8. Zone of Greed and Avarice

9. Zone of Tension of the Body

10. Zone of Partnership

11. Life Zone

12. Zone of Phyche

13. Mental zone

There are also therapeutic options to treat headaches/migraines, cold relief and mastering circulatory problems and sensitivity to weather changes with Esogetic Dream therapy.

For more information on Esogetic dream therapy please visit

Invest into your Esogetic oil now and and get ready for targeted dreaming!

If you are really serious about Dream therapy and feel that you are ready to invest your time and attention into helping yourself, you might consider investing in a  flat-focus Colourpuncture light therapy light pen to take your self-help to the next level.

We will soon see you ready to learn the first Esogetic dream zone which is going to be the zone of Joy.

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