Our top 10 reasons for experiencing Colourpuncture come from experiences of those for whom discovering colour and light therapy has been life-changing:

  1. You have a current physical challenge or a personal/family history of health issues ranging from ‘innocent’ endocrine imbalance and weak immunity up to ‘heavy’ systemic or degenerative diseases such as ME, MS etc
  2. You have current or past personal/family history of deep conflicts, addictions, depressions and difficult birth/childhood/relationships
  3. You suffer from stress and pressure, experience multitude of seemingly unrelated psychosomatic symptoms and are part of the “it’s all in your head” crowd
  4. You are at a crossroads at this moment in your life and are not quite sure where you are going
  5. You recognize repetitive painful emotional and/or unconstructive behavioral patterns and would love to learn how to ‘unload’  old, outdated emotional baggage quickly and graciously
  6. You feel ‘stuck’ generally and feel like you need to kick-start a change in life
  7. You are facing a difficult life choice and/or ongoing emotional pain
  8. You are going through difficult times such as illness, separation, bullying or pressure at work
  9. You are going through a major life change (career change, immigration, menopause, retirement etc)
  10. You have no problems but are interested in fast track personal and/or spiritual development, want to learn a lot about yourself in the process and reach your full potential in career and creative expression!

The main reason behind why Colourpuncture can help with such a diverse spectrum of challenges is because it answers the most fundamental question- your individual “Why?” –  non-verbally, gently and powerfully.

How do you know that Colourpuncture is the best choice for you?

  • You like the idea of staying healthy naturally
  • You like or have tried ‘talking therapies’ such as  psychotherapy but know that not everything can be resolved by talking
  • You like or have tried ‘body therapies’ such as reflexology, massage etc but feel it doesn’t quite reach the roots of your problems
  • You have considered Acupuncture but are not keen on being treated with needles
  • You feel that your ‘being’ is not a purely physical entity; that your invisible but very real emotions, feelings and experiences somehow matter too
  • You like the idea of a blend of modern developments and time-tested traditions

And still, who will benefit the most from discovering a therapy of colour and light?

  • Those who feel they’re at a turning point in their lives
  • Life coaches and other change specialists
  • Teachers, including teachers working with special needs children
  • Laypeople generally interested in natural health, light and colours
  • Artists and other creative people working with colour
  • Health therapists interested in continuous professional development
  • Parents or carers
  • Couples wanting their relationships to work
  • People who are proactive in maintaining good health and wellbeing for themselves and their families and looking for powerful new tools to use for years to come

Are you one of them?

Then we would love to hear from you and show you how colourpuncture can change what needs changing in your life.

NB: Colourpuncture is a very powerful healing and transformational tool for people who are serious and responsible about themselves and their physical and emotional health. To be treated with respect.


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