Deciphering your dreams – or dream analysis – is a fascinating process of ‘collecting’ those parts of your subconscious which your conscious self does not want to know, never knew or forgotten. Widely used ‘dream dictionaries’ assign common and fixed meanings to dream symbols (water, falling, chasing, being naked etc.) and offer a limited interpretation of the dream’s message as they don’t take into account your individuality, current life situation, belief system and many other factors.

Your dream’s symbolism is personal. Carl Jung believed that each person, object, place and action in a dream represents an aspect of yourself and so the same symbol, such as a snake, can symbolize danger in one person’s dream and wisdom in another’s. In a process of deciphering your dreams according to dream analysis based on Carl Jung’s work, dream symbols reveal their true and unique personal meaning and you have a chance to collect split-off parts of your individuality.

Dreams deliver powerful messages, always connected with your current life situation and give you a chance to become ‘whole’. Dreams, especially recurrent dreams, contain coded and rich symbolic messages from your sub-conscious and intuitive, feeling, self.

Dream analysis is an art and when learned under expert guidance, becomes a powerful tool for accessing your subconscious and navigating the path to your authentic life. Dream analysis is best learned with a trained therapist or in a dream workshop setting.

Certain body therapies such as craniosacral therapy, crystal therapy or colourpuncture light therapy, markedly enhance dreaming and dream recall. Dream therapy developed by Peter Mandel, either with Esogetic Oil or with Crystal Dream disc, give you keys to ‘targeted dreaming’ and facilitate the process of integration of messages from your dreams into you daily life.

Join us at one of our Esogetic Dream therapy workshops and learn to decipher your dreams for happy and fulfilling life!

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